Retailers: The Witcher 2 coming to Xbox 360 in November

TVGB: "The RPG of the moment, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, is indeed making the jump to consoles. Or one of them, at least; the Xbox 360. That's according to two Polish retailers ( and Ultima) who've listed the console version on their websites, and with a November 15th release date no less."

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Convas2699d ago

Are these publishers crazy? Do they know what's happening in November?

Overcrowding. That's what.

Son_Lee2699d ago

Exactly. Release it in September or October, that would be better.

LaChance2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

So 360 this fall = Witcher 2, Gears 3 and Forza 4...and we're not even at E3 yet!!

Humm the 360 just got a lot more interesting this year haha.

Skyrim + Witcher 2 = RPG fans dream.

@below: maybe because my pc isnt powerful enough to run it..? And anyways Im a console gamer, havent ever gamed on PC.

nycredude2699d ago

Why wait until November where there are so many games out to pay MORE for a game you can get now on PC for less?

VampiricDragon2699d ago

Sorry la chance

but the ds and psp have been an rpg fans dream this year. not the 360

Aloren2699d ago

"but the ds and psp have been an rpg fans dream this year."

Well, JRPG.

Skyrim and The Witcher 2 are WRPG, as you know.

I_find_it_funny2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

So looks like the studio lacks PS3 talents

Headquarters112699d ago

360: It only does timed exclusives.

Either way, who's gonna have time for an RPG with so many games releasing in the fall. By the time everyone has played all the games that come out this will probably already be out on the PS3.

IF it even comes out for consoles.

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BubbleSniper2699d ago

Not only that, but everyone who knows better, knows the Witcher 2 is BEST PLAYED on the PC. I don't care if this was released on the PS3 too, even though it is not.

RedDead2699d ago

Is it really, i've heard the controls match perfectly to controllers, according to the devs anyway. I still want to upgrade for BF 3 and what ever comes out next year

REALgamer2699d ago

I played half of The Witcher 2 with a controller on PC (and other half with keyboard and mouse).

The controls do indeed match perfectly, reminiscent of Fable's controls.


A for interact
X for fast attack
Y for strong attack
B for magic
Left-trigger for quick-menu (change magic shortcut, etc)
Right-trigger for block / dodge, if I remember correctly

Works great! I was wondering as I played why it hasn't already been released on console with the perfect controller mapping. The Witcher 1 probably wouldn't have worked as well, but this one does great.

I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate a 360 version, as the PC version is definitely the most demanding game I've played on my PC. I can run Crysis 2 maxed out ('Extreme' graphics option) flawlessly at 60fps locked, but Witcher 2 is definitely below that with some settings such as shadows turned down.

Rikan2699d ago

All games are 'best' played on PC. Period.

nirwanda2699d ago

Not on my crappy PC it isn't I love rpgs but my PC doesn't even like playing a HD movie, just like a lot of other console gamers I know too, I buy my consoles usually on launch knowing I'll get a good five years out of it at least I bet even a four year old PC couldn't play the witcher 2 but it no probs on the five an half year old console.

smilydude132699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

The games graphics will have to be downgraded significantly on the consoles. Even if the game works great with gamepads (I personally still used keyboard + mouse) the PC version will still always be the superior version. I'm glad that console users will be getting the game, GOTY in my opinion and both user bases aren't getting screwed since it was made for PC first. Hope you guys buy it as I really want The Witcher 3! (hopefully same thing they are doing with TW2 with making it for the PC first and consoles second. Hope they don't go to the darkside and start porting watered down console ports like with Crysis 2) I really don't get all the disagrees.

Although, I'm really disappointed in today's news. They hyped it up a lot saying it would be pretty big and we already knew this was happening. I was really hoping for an expansion pack.


Actually looks like they still have an announcement ready. Looks like we may get something interesting today! Only 2 and a half hours left!

joydestroy2699d ago

unless you've played Witcher2 on PC and X360, you technically can't say which is better.

BUT, us PC kids know that it will get downgraded a good bit for X360.

a lot of Witcher2 players have been enjoying it with the 360 pad but i still stand by RPGs being better suited for mouse/kb

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TheDareDevil2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is out in November! Apparently even EA delayed ME3 due to Skyrim. I doubt the Witcher 2 can compete with it though.
The plus side is thae we get a 360 exclusive!

TreMillz2699d ago

or Maybe BoiWare promised the old republic this year and is focusing on launching it to live up to its promise? After all ME3 is in no rush to the market not everyone like Elder Scrolls and would rather ME over, i being one of those people.

TheDareDevil2699d ago

Thats could be true, but the The Witcher 2 seems to be similar to Skyrim. Both are pre-historic fantasy RPG's whereas ME3 is futuristic. CD Projekt will really have to do some good advertising if they want decent sales for The Witcher 2 because it's also apparently releasing just 4 days after Skyrim.

malamdra2699d ago

this is far from certain but if it's true then it's a very smart move from Microsoft

a 360 port wouldn't be that much work and it would make a really impressive non-PS3 game, which is what the 360 desperately needs

maybe I won't sell my 360 after playing Gears after all

UnbiasedGamer2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

wow if this comes on Xbox 360 or PS3 either or exclusively on one will be big. Wanted to play that game..looks like a 3rd person Elders Scroll but don't have a powerful PC :D oh well PC gamers will lose a game no biggie. Hopefully true.

But ill take contest here anyways.


If they release this game in November it will get killed and would be forgotten. I hoping more of an October release.

I think the CDPROJECT is going to announce another exclusive project for the 360 at e3. Keep your eyes and ears open.

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hakeem09962699d ago

we all know its coming on xbox .on the pc version they have the xbox controller intergrated with tutorial

wohoo2699d ago

Yeah, but that alone can hardly be taken as confirmation. Several PC-only games can be played with the 360 controller.

SuperLupe2699d ago

Oh yeahhhh!!! :)

Was dieing to play this but my crappy laptop cant run it!

lastdual2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

That date is coming from "retailers", so like a tentative GameStop release date, I wouldn't put too much faith in it.

I have no doubt it will get released, but going head-to-head against both games like Call of Duty and a direct RPG competitor like Skyrim just sounds a little crazy.

Raven_Nomad2699d ago

That seems pretty sweet. This game looked interesting but I hate playing games on P.C.

Glad I will get the chance to play it on the Xbox.

Danielmccue2699d ago

Just out of interest,W hy do you hate playing games on pc?

ksense2699d ago

if you haven't noticed he hates ps3 too

Veeger2699d ago

I don't know why he does, probably very different reasons as he's a Microsoft lover. I don't like playing games on my PC because:
- Games install a lot of junk in the system, like additional drivers, DX libraries, strange sound drivers (like I didn't have any), PhysX drivers, VC++ packages and tons of alike. I use my PC for work, it has to be stable and reliable. Games endanger that. I'd need a separate system on a separate drive for gaming. Can be done but come on, why?
- KB+M is terrible for modern games. It's not WSAD + 3 buttons anymore but press X for this, press E for that (block in Witcher 2 is E, seriously?!) It's terrible to hold your left palm on the keyboard in that way. And aiming with a mouse is like cheating (I don't expect you to understand it).
- If you want to use a joypad, you are forced to buy 360 pad which I find too heavy, clumsy and simply not suitable. Or you have to use emulators, set it all for yourself. No thanks, I was hacking my system when I was a teenager, not anymore.
- Microsoft joypad drivers just can't cut it. They are slow and have high latency. Who plays on consoles, knows the difference.
- DRM, copy protection, problematic patches - very annoying. Compatiblity problems with GPU drivers, x64 Windows drivers, multi-core CPUs (many older games require patches).
- No modern graphics cards with passive cooling. GPUs are incredibly noisy! If I wanted to play full HD, I'd have to install a noisy GPU which would give me HELL when I don't play games.
- I don't like RTS games and MMOs, that limits the available PC library a lot. On the other hand, I can't do without PS3 exclusives. There's nothing like Uncharted or Heavy Rain on PC.

guigsy2699d ago

I used to game on my PC all the time but not recently. I'm not a fan of having to upgrade every so often, and controllers just feel more natural to me. It's just a personal choice.

I would definitely buy the Witcher 2 if it came out on the 360.

DeathMetal14742699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Read some many dumb and uniformed things about PC gaming in my life you consolers really have no clue do you? Oh and guess what works really well on the PC? ONLINE GAMING!

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BeastlyRig2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Yeah u kinda hate everything pc of bf3 in your comments.

It took them 3 years to make a top quality pc game & now it takes 5 months to make a port for 360! lmao enjoy!

I guess it fear since pc got fable 3 which crap compared to this.. Plus you guys really need some good games.

nightmarex1212699d ago

you know you can get a 360 controller on a pc and connect the pc to a big screen tv?