New Batman: Arkham City trailer features Catwoman

Take control of voluptuous Catwoman in the sequel to one of the highest rated super-hero video games of this console generation, Batman: Arkham City.

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Cheeseknight282722d ago

So awesome. This game is going to be fantastic.

omi25p2721d ago

Jokers face is messed up again.

pocketaces112721d ago

Because he shrank after being on the drugs that made him huge I presume

omi25p2721d ago

yes but we have seen some trailers of batman AC where he looks fine then we see trailers and screens with him looking like this.

I think he is dieing and his ilness gets worse as your progress throught the game

Cheeseknight282721d ago


The original render for his face might not have been complete, when they showed the trailer at the VGAs. They may have made him disfigured later.

RedPawn2721d ago

Holy Bat Guano Cave!!!!

extermin8or2721d ago

I suddenly have no interest in this its odd, but I just don't like the idea of being catwoman, her character annoys me in that trailer, and her moves do too I mean batman is batman you play as batman... I dislike the idea of playing as robin too tbh so hopefully they won't do something like that either.....

Rusco872721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Yeah I agree. I want a batman game. Not to play the story as anyone else. AA was great because it was a batman experience. I will however accept this if it's a challenge map pack, but they should keep batman as the only playable character throughout the story. The trailer looks like a challenge map tbh.

O and Robin should be nowhere near this game.

extermin8or2721d ago

It's part of the main game, dev said I think about 10% of it in an interview earlier, not much but enough to make me wait till the games dirt cheap...

Cheeseknight282721d ago

I'm fairly sure this is going to be part of the main game. I'll be more than happy to play Catwoman, from the trailer she seems to be a faster, lighter combat style rather than like Batman's. I'm thinking it'll be a contrast similar to how the Action "Hack and Slash" is divided, from God of War's heavy and precise combat to Bayonetta's quick and furious combat.

Maybe not as radically different, but that's what I feel like they are going for.

BigPappaPump2721d ago

Looking good. I can't wait to get this.

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