Mortal Kombat Legacy - The Future Of Gaming Movies/Series (ObnoxiousGamer)

Most video game fans know that many games have attempted to venture into the realm of film and television, and for the most part have experienced disastrous results, both in the hollywood aspect, and then alienating the fanbase. As many game fans know, most movie-based games have sucked…horribly. That is the exact same story with video games that have turned into movies. The list goes on and on, from Street Fighter, to Doom, to Mortal Kombat, to Max Payne. The movies are forced to create a story that appeals to the general public, for a game that appeals to hardcore gamers and a niche market.

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CrimsonEngage2784d ago

Been enjoying this series so far. Just wish the episodes were longer than 6 minutes.

optimus2784d ago

they are; most run over 8 min...i saw one that ran 12 min.

i thought the blogger was reviewing the legacy sseries so far but he was talking about gaming as a whole. i think it will become another viable media for gaming as we get closer to having faster speeds on our mobile devices.

CrimsonEngage2784d ago

The last one was 6 minutes. That's counting the 1 minute long recap and the 1 minute long credits...

Quagmire2784d ago

Im waiting for the all the episodes to release so that I can watch it all at once, like a movie.

No_Pantaloons2784d ago

Yea I would hardly call it the future, each episode is painfully short, they've barely done anything but character intros so far, for most fans its just a rehash. It's good, don't get me wrong, but I have a hard time calling it a series, more like introduction clips.

optimus2784d ago

well looking at all the episodes that have aired so far only 3 come in at just over 8 min...anyhow, that's what it's supposed to be in introduction to the characters again. keeping in mind that they don't have a studio or network backing them up, i'd say it's pretty well done...and being that it's only airing online less than 15min. is fine since most people tend to view things that are shorter than 10 min online anyway.

Rhezin2784d ago

yeah I like Legacy, love anything MK mythos.