Midway Unveils Games for Fall Season, UT3 on PS3 and PC in November

Midway wants to hook gamers this fall with three action shooters tailor-made for battle-hardened joystick warriors, and a little humorous mischief for electronic slackers, courtesy of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. More within...

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wil4hire4873d ago

This thing says November.

gen16804873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

After delaying the game I don't think they would move it back up to November and not make an official announcement.

jcgamer4873d ago

I made sure I read it 10 TIMES before I contributed it clearly says November, but I'm still a little unsure...should I change the title or no?

xhi44873d ago

messing with my heart strings.........I just wish they would announce a date for ps3 unreal, if it's before christmas then I'll get it on ps3, if it's after........i'll have to wait. :(

It's not because of the ps3, or my 360 or anything, it's just that my well.....lets just say it struggles with word. lol

Evil0Angel4873d ago

UT3 ON PS3 in nov.

bring it on

ruibing4873d ago

The main question is whether I can trust fox news. According to it the PS3 version of Blacksite and UT3 are not being delayed.

Hatchetforce4873d ago

It also said a 360 version will follow early next year. Mark Rein clearly stated they weren't even going to start work on the 360 version until after Christmas break. Good luck with that 'early' part.

witchking4872d ago

I'm extremely dubious of this article. Not only does it state that UT3 will be out in November (which I believe has already been announced as not happening), but is also states "This latest addition in the military/alien universe action series allows up to four players to compete against each other, collecting and protecting a series of tentacle orbs on a far-off world stocked with celestial palaces and rugged outdoor terrain."

Up to 4 players? WTF?

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Bonsai12144873d ago

win... so i'll be getting two games at thanksgiving then

Lightning Mr Bubbles4873d ago

FOX doesn't know crap about games. PS3 version isn't coming in November. I wish it was.

bababrooks4873d ago

here is a plus and an agree, i like it when folk say it as it is, you earned that man!

lodossrage4873d ago

Let's be realistic here everyone, this is fox news. Not a gaming source.

So I think with that said, it's safe to assume it's still pushed into '08 for ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.