First footage of Minecraft on the Xperia Play

TVGB: "Here's Minecraft on the Xperia Play looking like Minecraft on the PC, which is a good thing. This first footage is strikingly close to the original game, holding much promise that the depth to the worlds and construction will be maintained too."

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R8342697d ago

Minecraft's coming to iPhone and iPad too, isn't it?

UnbiasedGamer2697d ago

I play MineCraft on my PSP..and that homebrew is AMAZING!!

R8342696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

argh, 9 inch screen ;)

princeofthabay2697d ago

so we can play this on Vita too right? with PS suite?

warrior99882697d ago

i hope i just wish they made servers easier to use

GodofSackboy2697d ago

Old, saw this like a week ago

But still awesome, gotta love Minecraft

CarnageXB2697d ago

I hope it comes to ios and other android devices also

maniac762697d ago

wonder when this will shop up on psn and live