New Mortal Kombat DLC Available

Starting today, fans of the recently released Mortal Kombat will be able to download all new Microsoft items to deck out their Avatars including costumes, hats and t-shirts, which can also be worn during online tournament mode, King of the Hill. The items will be available to download for 80 to 240 Microsoft points.

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TomInc2695d ago

Downloading this NOW! Im loving this game!

ftwrthtx2694d ago

I forgot how much more fun games are when you have the store to download from.

admiralthrawn872694d ago

Give me Kenshi or its a no-buy. Well...and Bo'Rai Cho.

GT_Ken2694d ago

How did this article get approved with that title?

There's no "DLC" available for Mortal Kombat. There are new AVATAR items, inspired by Mortal Kombat. These have no bearing on the game, whatsoever.

Misleading title is misleading.

EZMickey2694d ago

Truth. I was actually a little annoyed by that, but, you know, it's all in the art of earning the poster more views.

BiggCMan2694d ago

Yea I clicked on this cuz I thought the same thing, then I found out its avatar crap.

joydestroy2694d ago

yep, was hoping for an unannounced DLC character. was pretty let down =/