New Tomb Raider teaser image for upcoming trailer

Another brand new image for the Tomb Raider trailer has been released.

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theflyindutchman2698d ago

ok lets be honest dudes, tomb raider women has always been hot but this new chick!
bloody hell i thing im in love for the first time on a chick thats not real.
she's gorgeous!

crxss2698d ago

Will be picking this game up on release day, man so many good games coming out!

Killzone3___2698d ago

yea , it looks amazing , but still waiting for a gameplay footage , i hope it's like an rpg game , in a island alone , survive by eating snakes and stuff like that , monsters or w=animals attack you just like in the first games , i remember getting afraid of the tigers , i always get shocked when i see them and don't know what to do xD ..

03212698d ago

Anyone know if the new Lara Croft is modeled after someone? Cause If she is, That chick is hot as hell.