FIFA 12 Producer: Pro Evolution Soccer is 'a Solid Game'

FIFA 12's lead producer talks about his upcoming game and what he thinks of the competition, Pro Evolution Soccer.

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dude_meister2749d ago

I still prefer Pro Evo over Fifa, the graphics are worse, but gameplay is better imo.

DiffusionE2749d ago

PES 2011's features were much better. But the actual gameplay(controls, AI, etc.) is rather bland compared to FIFA 11.

IronFist2748d ago

Yeah I think Fifa surpassed PES in the last game.

Baka-akaB2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

to each their own . I feel the opposite That fifa is king on presentation , features , animations , but not so much in my personal book , when it comes to the gameplay .

Either way , as much as some will be happy to be trigger happy with disagrees , if pes didnt actually evolved in '11 like often claims , and actually sucked , it wouldnt have lived to see 2012 .

And neither would be good if left alone without competition

fluffydelusions2749d ago

Ah good sportsmanship...just what I like to see.

gaffyh2748d ago

He still had a little dig at the end.