Halo Killer, or killed by Halo? How to make good multiplayer.

"Titles like Halo and Call of Duty still rule the roost of online multiplayer. As multiplayer of big name titles like Crysis 2 and Homefront dry up, how can developers compete?" - Attack of the Fanboy

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Mista T2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

by not trying to be like them obviously, put something on the table your competitors haven't provided that is actually noteworthy to consumers.

or else they'll skip over your game waiting for the next call of duty or halo, and since there's a new call of duty each year you'd be out of luck.

theonlylolking2694d ago

1.Dont be like halo

2.Dont be like treyarch's call of dutys

3.innovate and take risks

slampunk2691d ago

Halo is still the online shooter that i compare every other game to...... Even though COD is a totally different game, it has nowhere near the level of polish, when compared to reach.....That's what disappointed me with Blops!!!!

Forget the fanboy crap.... i have both consoles..... We really need a halo equivelent on the PS3 which would certainly force activision to revamp COD.... KZ3 was average at best, Resistance 2 MP was horrible (3 doesn't look much better) I hope BF3 wipes Acti off the map.....It won't though as all the COD sheep will pay top dollar for a glorified map pack with new weapon skins & maybe even buy into that COD elite rubbish which basically copies what has offered for years!!!!

I won't be buying the next COD after Blops bored me within a month.....I certainly hope that those with common sense will do the same.....

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