Sony Offer Another Free Game For PSN Trouble

With the PS Store being restored today after 43 days of downtime, Sony is now offering another completely free download to all PSN users in order to make up for the trouble.

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jellybalboa2695d ago

so once i sign into the psn store, what do i do, i cant find anything free?

DarkTower8052694d ago

The freebies start tomorrow (Friday).

AAACE52694d ago

Ok, I tried looking around the store, and couldn't find anything either. I'll check in tomorrow.

DarkTower8052694d ago

Yup, kinda sucks, but at least everyone can now redeem all their dlc codes today.

AAACE52694d ago


Who in their right mind could find a way to disagree with me?

I turned my Ps3 on, clicked on store, it finally didn't make the beep sound that I would hear right before I got the system down message, looked for Infamous, still listed at $29.99.

How can you disagree with me... I'm dying to know!

Danteh2694d ago

Musn't take disagrees personally, ppl (and trolls) love to press that button for the fun of it :P

princejb1342694d ago

don't let it bother you AAACE5, welcome to n4g cheers=]

ravinash2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

When the free games go up, there is going to be a lot of downloading of very large files.
Their probably wanting to give people a chance to download and buy all the things they wanted over the last month before the store comes to a halt while everyone is downloading their 2 free games.

Therealspy032694d ago

question...since we're all now PS plus members for a month...and the uncharted 3 beta starts at the end of the month, does that mean we all get early access?

nickjkl2693d ago

friday friday gotta get down on friday

hakis862693d ago

I don't know if this has been asked before...but:
I have already purchased all the PS3 games availible in this Welcome Back program. So does that basically mean "too bad for me" - no other alternatives? No other gifts?

karl2693d ago

wait what? im downloading the two games right now..

and already have psn plus..

its giving a lot of errors but if u just keep trying u will get them eventually

they are hard to find though

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Solid_Snake-2694d ago ShowReplies(1)
MostJadedGamer2694d ago

Wow talk about a slap in the face. I almost thought this was a 2 month late April fools joke when I read this.

"System 3 have teamed up with Sony to offer their PSOne title, James Pond 2: Codename Robocod"

I guess Sony thinks its fun add insult to injury by mocking us.

somerandomdude2694d ago

they should just make everything free

zeeshan2694d ago

Well, I think I am going to side with MostJadedGamer. I mean, Yea, Sony ain't gona give great sh*t for free but c'mon! If u wana do something, do it right. At least consider a PS2 classic! There are like hundreds of them. I mean, either don't do it or if you are planning to add something more, then do it right by not giving free CRAP 'cuz nobody gives a crap about that either and won't be REALLY thankful or rather "forgive" Sony for all the mayhem.

zag2694d ago

Thats a great 2D platformer.

I remember playing that on the Amiga.

kikizoo2694d ago

2 games + 1 months psplus free with tons of free things and games (burnout paradise and others)'s more than ms gives you everytime your expensive xbl has a problem.


Xbox Live has also never gone down for a month.

I'm just glad to finally get my LA Noire DLC

ravinash2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )


Thats not to say that it hasn't gone down in some way shape or form in the past or will do again.

The issues that happened on PSN could happen to any of the networks.
Hopefully Sony have learned to make it hader to hack, but it can still happen to any of the consoles.

dead_eye2693d ago

James pond 2 was an awesome game. Clearly this isn't for the younger gamer but the nostalgia I'll get from playing this is priceless. Streets of rage 2 is on there 2. There's a couple of hours wasted for me for the grand price of nothing :)

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hiredhelp2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

So for plus members they get extended membership along with the free games,and id theft.
Non plus gamers get plus free for 1 month and exactly the same option games id theft.
Today they wanted to push out 2 more free games.

SOME OF YOU KIDS STILL MOANING,! go ask microsoft for a free game.
Some ppl never happy im just glad its back up and as for the hacking we supposed to be hit doesnt seem that way at the moment.

Shame on you fools.

Sheddi2693d ago

I dont get that either.

Kahvipannu2693d ago

Hakis, I believe so.. But you can change or sell your copies of games, and get the digital ones instead, it's not like any of them would cost much anyways these days, so it's little gain, but gain still...

showtimefolks2693d ago

now atleast give sony credit they have been feeling the guolt and keep giving us free stuff.

and we will get many more store updates to get it up to date till june in the next week or so

now all sony has to do is announce more games for 2012-2013

and show us the 2 minute demo trailer of agent that will be WILL BE shown at e3 2011

finbars752693d ago

This is bullshit I went to download my games I picked then error happened the it gave me nothing and said I used up my free games nice job Sony.if you where going region by region then why the fuck is there still so many problems.I even when to redeem codes for my games and the exact thing happened now it says the code is no longer god if you have had 2 months to get a store up and running and it's still broken then what have you been doing this whole time?Sony not good especially when e3 is coming up

rob60212693d ago

Because hackers are trying to DDoS it probably that combined with a huge amount of traffic from everyone rushed on. If you you're patient and you'll get through eventually you can get your free games, but remember they are free.

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HOSe2694d ago

right..... would like burnout paradise over here in the states

nopunctuation2694d ago

You should have bought that awesome game by now. Seriously underated in the gamer community and it is at a dirt cheap price for the whole bundle. Racing games have been a blah for me this gen. Even Midnight club failed pretty hard but burnout is the true racer for this genration of games.

InfectedDK2694d ago

Totally agree. Burnout Paradise is seriously one of the best arcade racers in a long time.
I have to go back to NFS Underground to find something that was even close.

Yi-Long2694d ago

... but I didn't want to pay extra for the DLC, so in the end I never got around to it.

Livin_in_a_box2694d ago

I agree too, anyone who hasn't bought it yet seriously needs to buy The Ultimate Box- it's incredibly cheap now. The new island they introduced isn't half bad either and it's not overly expensive.

metsgaming2694d ago

i hope its not burnout in the US, reason is i already have it. lol how about Ratchet and Clank game that EU got?

hudsoniscool2694d ago

does anyone know if i will be able to download these free games without my ps3. I am and will be away from it for the next few months. I know i can access the ps store on the internet but will i beable to download(or que them) them from the store without my ps3?

MrBeatdown2694d ago

Unfortunately, I don't think you can. I think the store available via PC is for PSP content only. You will need a PS3 to access the PS3 version of the store.

hudsoniscool2694d ago

if true thar blows. i havent played infamous and wanted to play it.

Close_Second2694d ago

Remote connect using a PSP.

Les-Grossman2694d ago

I would have rather had Burnout

mastershredder2694d ago

Nice to offer up another free game, however James Pond was never a series you would admit to playing let alone owning. Pass.