Call of Duty Elite: What would you pay extra for? Dedicated Servers?

The fact is, Activision has not announced what exactly players will get for free and what they will receive for a premium price.

One thing is for certain, they have promised that playing the core multiplayer will always be free. Elite will offer 'services' that enhance the experience, but will not give a player any benefit in game over a player who is not a member.

So what are gamers willing to pay for? I don't think they are going to be paying extra for stat tracking. Too many sites already give this sort of information for free.

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S_C2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

No, they should be encluded in the game anyways.

Dont know what activision have been taking but they have seemed to have forgot what makeing a video game is all about, they are supposed to put extra features into the game such as dedi servers so that we buy the game to get our money not we pay for them to put extra features into a game. jeez activison and bobby kotick are really starting to grind my gears

JohnnyMann4202695d ago


I agreed with you anyways.

chriski3332695d ago

Id pay nothing COD makes a god Damn killing ever year these lazy bastards should it put the dedicated servers in with the game and not say we need more $ for a should be standard feature

Dart892695d ago

*What would you pay extra for? Dedicated Servers?*

Why would i pay extra for them isn't their job to provide them to us??I mean dice is providing us with them all i need is to buy their game and i get dedi servers nothing less nothing more.

Here's what they should do instead of charging.

Paralex2695d ago

It's not their job to provide them to us. On PC people rent out dedicated servers all the time. Fact is, CoD has way too big of a userbase to support dedicated servers on consoles on a daily bases. Technically, it would be hard to find space on servers and it would be hard to support so many connections on once. It would actually make the multiplayer experience worse than the P2P set up we have now on console.

xxxAnubisxxx2695d ago

Yes, I would gladly pay extra.

S_C2695d ago

You need your head sorted..

S_C2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

@ Palex

Stop trolling....i guess you havent seen my comments from a few weeks back were i was actually sticking up for COD saying that i actually enjoy some of the game, but when delevoper and publishers start asking for a payments for somthing so easy as dedi servers and gloryfied stat tracking thats've got to draw the line at some point... it will be people like you that will end up making COD a pay to play online service.

lostinplace2695d ago

If you don't want it just don't buy it. Quit bitchin.

yarbie10002695d ago

I won't even pay $15 for a map pack

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The story is too old to be commented.