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smoothdude2695d ago

Burnout Paradise for FREE, now that is what I was waiting for!!

swift2695d ago

yes yes...just finished downloading....wasnt expecting that..woohoo!!!

tehpees32695d ago

awesome thanks Sony and EA

captain-obvious2695d ago

im not a PSN+ memmber yet
looks like i'll get it soon

but in the mean while
when are we going to get those free games ???

dyennam2694d ago

Dude where did you find the download for burnout, i am a psn+ member, i cant find it anywhere for free, it says that its $19.99. Can you help me out here.

smoothdude2694d ago

My understanding is that it is for people living in the EU.

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Star512695d ago

im fitzing!!!! 3 games for free now!

Perjoss2694d ago

are they really free? i thought you can only play them as long as you keep a psn+ subscription active.

trounbyfire2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

what does it say, can you PM it to me please

dude please pm me what it says, the page isn't working for me, copy & paste is it US or EU

thanks i gave up a bubble

icewater852695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Here you go.

It has just been confirmed that, due to the Store coming back a little later than we hoped, the extra days added to Plus memberships is being extended by another 10 days so you are getting a total of 70 days extra for free. This will show up automatically on your account in the next few days.

If you were a Plus member on or before the 21st April, we have automatically added a full 60 days onto your Plus membership to make sure you get back any time missed. You don’t need to do anything to get this; it has been added to your account and your membership will simply carry on for 60 days past the original renewal date.

We will be keeping April’s content on the Plus section of the Store for a further 2 weeks in case you missed anything before the 21st.

We have an action packed month for you in June and, for the first time, we have a fantastic EA title for you – our flagship title this month is the amazing open-world racing game and the king of arcade racing. Burnout Paradise is available to download as part of June’s content list so don’t miss it.

smoothdude2695d ago

I think this is only for EU as I am in the US and tried looking for burnout Paradise and couldn't find it. Looks like we get Comet Crash instead :(

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subtenko2695d ago

Thats only for EU isnt it?

TabLock2695d ago

burnout paradise is bad ass

MagicAccent2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Sweet. Paradise is my favourite arcade racer. Glad too see everyone get a chance to play it :)

***One question about the PS PLUS though***

If I buy a game with a ps+ discount during my 30 free days, will I get that discount or doesn't it apply to us?

nycredude2695d ago

I believe you will get that discount.

b163o12694d ago

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I bought this game like a week before the network went down....oh well should be a lot more people online :)

Warhawk is downloading @the moment :D

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sarlucic2695d ago

xD how do you access the welcome back thingie? xD

OcelotRigz2695d ago

The Welcome Back stuff isnt available yet.

smoothdude2695d ago

They said that the welcome back will be up on Friday. So one more day. However, it is amazing to see the store back.

arjman2695d ago


You've doomed us all...

DragonKnight2695d ago

Ocelot: I was about to click on your link, but I'm quite perceptive so....

DaTruth2694d ago

I remember they showed that on a news show here claiming she was the next big thing with five million views!

I was like: So, it's Youtube, Funny baby laughing has 382 million views!

I didn't watch, I too am perceptive!

KrimsonKody2694d ago

weekends are so ruined for me now

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mricecreamman2695d ago

no surprise that there will be high traffic! no point on trying to download anything as of right now

Pintheshadows2695d ago

I tried the infamous 2 demo. I failed.

Pintheshadows2695d ago

It is ok. And Streets of Rage 2 is free on plus. As well as Burnout. Silly question but do we get to keep them or is it just for the duration of free plus?

Killzone3___2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

same here , when you try download it you will get error but if you go to the VIEW Downloads you will be able to download it :) ...

i can't download it because i have bad network , it's really slow and the download is 2,600 GB >.< ... im buying the game so i don't need to download the demo but i wanted to play it early...

go to special offers and you will see a free game , it's Blue toad murder Files ..

Legion2694d ago


2,600 GB download...??? I am assuming that is an exageration, 2.6 GB I could understand but I am pretty confident you are not downloading a 2,600 GB file.

xander1232695d ago

I've managed to get everything I want so far. Its been a bit hit and miss, but it seems more stable now.

OcelotRigz2695d ago

Same, was a bit slow and i got the odd error message popping up, but i managed to download what i wanted.

Dark_king2695d ago

actually its downloading pretty good I had to format my PS3 yesterday stupid 80010514 error Sony said it would fix it,it doesn't.And I have already download 120 gigs worth of my games.So its working pretty good for me in Ohio at the very least.I thought it would take a week to re download everything but only a day.

MasterCornholio2695d ago

Cant wait for the welcome back package. I cant wait to take advantage of those free games.

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