High Resolution Wipeout NGP Screens!

Native resolution shots of the new NGP Wipeout title.

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maruyuki2694d ago

looks great, but i hate the art style, i wish it was more like wipeout hd

Roscoe3zz2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

they just upscaled the smaller screenshots

TheKindRoost2694d ago

why is rosco getting disagree when what he is sayig is true?

pepsilover_20072694d ago

this is n4g, there is no thing as being correct here :(

arjman2694d ago

Coz he iz insulting teh Wipeoutz NGPz screenshotz by telling teh truthz...

In all seriousness I agree with you.

CaptCalvin2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

No that is the true resolution the game will be running at. The NGP uses a screen with really high pixel density, like iphone 4's retina display.

badkolo2694d ago

wipeout hd still rocks hard

JsonHenry2694d ago

Are we supposed to be impressed by these? I know the thing can do better than that. Well, I HOPE it can do better than that anyway.

MasterCornholio2694d ago

WOW looks incredible cant wait to play this

BTW Menorasta can STFU for all i care. Always looking for a reason to troll articles about Sony.