Death By Robots - Feature: A Realists FIFA 12 Wishlist

Joe Dale at Death By Robots writes: I love football, I have been playing it since I was 9 years old. I have gone through three knee operations because of it (with the fourth one a couple of weeks away) and still come back to play again. I also love football games. I was a PES fanboy, giving FIFA the finger wherever and whenever I could. Then came the day when FIFA caught up and I realised that PES was no longer the best recreation of football on consoles. I felt dirty moving over to FIFA… but I’m glad I did.

With the first details of FIFA 12 being released, one of the new features is ‘Player Impact’, which will allow more realistic body movements and impacts during tackles and headers. That is a good step forward in my eyes but it got me thinking: what features should FIFA 12 have in it in order for it to be the most true recreation of football?

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