Saints Row 4 already planned?

Volition has dropped hints that a fourth Saints Row game may already be planned.

Speaking to Strategy Informer in an interview, Saints Row: The Third Producer James Torbit mentioned a fourth game whilst talking about how they tackle the open-world nature of the game during development.

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rabidpancakeburglar2747d ago

Saying that he would like to see a 4th when directly asked about it isn't a hint that it's being planned.

limewax2746d ago

I couldn't care for a 4th anyway, SR2 was fun, but graphically, it was atroscious and a step down from the original. I will not give them £40 for another ps2 game

rabidpancakeburglar2746d ago

I disagree with you as graphically it was a step up from the original but I do agree that it looked no better than a ps2 game

Man In Black2746d ago

Second game was awesome, but the stupid blur filter made it look worse than the original.

creamsoda2746d ago

Thats what I didn't like about Saints Row 2 the graphics sucked. I'm not a graphics guy I love the gameplay but I just couldn't get into that game after playing GTA IV.

the_best_player2746d ago

The only problem with Saints Row 2 was that cars disappear if you don't look at them. I hope this is fixed in 3.

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slavish32746d ago

Consumer:got milk?

Thq: Why yes! In fact we are milking right now!

BlmThug2746d ago

Only 3 Games Mate. That Mean Uncharted, Killzone, Resistant, Gears, Forza Must Be Milked Too. Idiot

slavish32746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

you have to think before you type. That doesn't change the fact that they are talking about 4 when we don't know anything about 3.

Septic2746d ago

The Saints Row games have all been amazing fun. Whilst the likes of Rockstar were desparately going for realism which led to a clunky, and somewhat rigid game, Saints Row was a breath of fresh air. It didn't dilute fun for the visuals; only the opposite! But their formula works and I greatly prefer it to the MASSIVELY overrated GTA.

zero_cool2746d ago

Saints row 2 is a hell of a lot more fun to play then grand theft auto 4 because rockstar games striped down the original gta formula which made the series a blast to play & didn't offer up any new gameplay innovations like saints row 2 did so gta 4 felt like a departure from original games gameplay formula in the gta series.

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