The Road to E3 - Unpacking The Witcher II Bonus Content

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings is a glorious game. Frustratingly rigid, uncompromising at times and a lot more linear than the previous title, but even if you never make it past the first boss battle; undeniably polished. Being a current PC exclusive and with DLC already on the way, it is one of the few games that made me return to my PC and take full advantage of what digital distribution has to offer. With Steam distribution in mind, this includes premium bonus content:Gamers already know about the ridiculous Duke Nukem extras about to drop but what collectors edition do you want to see announced at E3?

The President was presented with a copy of the limited edition of The Witcher 2 when he visited Poland. I guess this means that video game violence and nudity is OK

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