Exclusive Soulcalibur IV screens from Games Radar

One brandishes a katana that has killed more Japanese people than Godzilla and eyebrows that make Sandy Cohen look like a chemo patient. The other is super cute, and has the smallest breasts in Soulcalibur IV - which means she should still have crippling back problems and extremely limited mobility. Nevertheless, Mitsurugi and Cassandra's life bars are the same damn size, and they're gonna see who can sword-juggle the other one in the air for longer.

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Jamaicangmr4881d ago

Am so excited for this game.

mesh14881d ago

any 1 that has played the 1st soulcalibur will know this is 1 of the best fighting games and the best game to get released on next gen consoles this game is like playing a single player game as the char have so much depth even the story line of the or.

zhmontana4881d ago

for this game. I bought the 60g just so i could play the ps2 version until the ps3 version comes out.

Bonsai12144881d ago

the costumes are soooo detailed. its crazy. and i lolled at the description... makes sandy cohen look like a chemo patient.. haha

Rasulis4881d ago

I can't wait for this game. I became a master with nightmare in 3. nothing like the Epic Ziegrfied and Nightmare battles with my friend, or even better Mitsurugi and Nightmare. I never liked fighting games until I got into the details with this one and learned all the mechanics.

The screens are so beautiful. The games going to be amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.