Activision: EA talks about Modern Warfare 3 more than we do

OXM UK: "Activision Publishing CEO Alan Hirshberg has hit back at combative Electronic Arts remarks over the respective merits of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, dryly suggesting that aggressive talk on the part of EA executives has helped "build awareness" for Activision's game."

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dirigiblebill2695d ago

Notice how he doesn't even mention Battlefield as a competitor. Classy man, this Hirshberg fellah.

Winter47th2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

"Activision: EA talks about Modern Warfare 3 more than we do"

So.******.TRUE! And I'm sick of it, hell EVERY BC2 video on YouTube you see people saying how much better it is that Call of Duty well why the hell would you even bring that up in the first place stick to your game and stop trying to convince yourselves how "uber" the game is than COD it's pathetic!

I prefer Battlefield over COD but honestly people getting so insecure and kiss their own collective asses for saying BC2 > COD absolutely everywhere is beyond sad.

news4geeks2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I'm sick to death of hearing about battlefield too. Both games are generic and monotonous military fps.

Baka-akaB2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

so now regular people = EA ?

iamnsuperman2695d ago

It is the new fanboy war. The game war is such a silly war. The amount of people who dis console fanboys are quite hypocritical because they then troll COD articles and say things about BF3 is better blah blah. So childish. Why do people defend there preference like there lives depend on it.

blacktiger2695d ago

No wonder MW3 uses same engine that is 7 years old because they don't focus on their competition.

Organization XII2695d ago

Still Battlefield BC2 beats the crap out of all the Call of Duty's combined.

frostypants2694d ago

Battlefield is "generic"?! Name a single other military FPS with the depth of Battlefield. You sound like someone who's never played any of them.

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DoomeDx2695d ago

True, but EA is talking about how awesome their game is compared to MW3.

I wonder what IW/Activisions reaction was when they saw the 12 minute gameplay

Heartnet2695d ago

The fact they compare it to a bad game shows how insecure EA Are haha

and there reaction was probz meh.. graphics are nice but thats all it is...

Oldsnake0072695d ago

you will seriously be dissapointed if you expect
BF3 to have a good SP.

SixShotCop2695d ago

Heartnet. A bad game? What is a good game to you? I'm very curious.

DiffusionE2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

He's right. EA should stop being so f**king obsessed with selling more copies than COD, and just focus on making a damn good game first.

dirigiblebill2695d ago

In fairness, I'm not sure what option they have. Call of Duty isn't going to go away - it's the obvious comparison, and they have to try to "own" that comparison...

csreynolds2695d ago

I think you'll find damn good games equate to high sales figures, so in order to 'out-sell' CoD they have to make a game that betters it, no?

My point? EA is focused on making a damn good game. And, if you look at what EA reps have been saying these past few months, their phrasing has always been "beat" Activision, not "make more money than them".

wallis2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

"I think you'll find damn good games equate to high sales figures"

This works under the monstrously stupid assumption that something's popularity is tied to its quality. There isn't enough memory on 500gb hard drive for me to write all the stupid things in the history of mankind that have been popular.

From drilling holes in your head to cure headaches, persecuting people of minority faith, and Twilight. Something's popularity often has little bearing on its quality, and the same goes for CoD. I'll admit CoD 1,2,4 were popular for a reason. They were good. But CoD 5,6,7 and 8 are only popular because... well... CoD 1,2,4 were good.

Edit: Also am I the only who feels like saying CoD 8 feels like a fucking joke? Like doesn't the fact that there's an eighth Call of Duty just seems to drain a little of your faith in humanity. The fact that a franchise feels as though it needs eight entries in eight years is just... *shudders*

frostypants2694d ago

EA is a business. They want to sell as many copies as possible, so comparing themselves to the current big seller makes sense.

Certainly a company that spams as much marketing hype as Activision can understand this.

DiffusionE2694d ago

So, when Activision hype-up their games and sells tons of copies, they're evil. But when EA does the same thing, it's OK?


EXACTLY! so just remember opinionated haters of COD everywhere (Which I am one of) everytime you post a comment about MW3 it just raises awareness for the game which is fantastically ironic as its what im doing right now.....

Fuck it

BF3 ftw!

Apotheosize2695d ago

Haha wow, its so true...EAs obbsession with dethroning everything Activision(WoW, Cod) is all they ever seem to think of. How about just making a good game and not worrying about competition

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