Three Gaming Hours with Sony NGP

Sony invited journalists from many countries and let them play NGP without being disturbed, or almost. It is a pity that there were less than ten titles available to try out but it did not spoil the moment or my impressions of the new console. Now let's get down to business.

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DeforMAKulizer2697d ago

If my assumptions are correct then i think that the game after wipeout is definitely a new PixelJunk game (One of the 3 to be showcased next week)

Looks like a hybrid of Shooter and that Creat game Terrover…

All except for Reality Fighters look incredible!!! =D

Petro892697d ago

Good shout.

Looks like a there's a new SSHD too.

Cloudberry2697d ago

I read the article's description that"You can use pictures as the background for arenas".

Could this mean "Reality Fighters" just using still pictures for their Augmented Reality (?) game-play?

Or could "Reality Fighters" also using real time video camera for their AR?

Ddouble2697d ago

If Invisimals on the psp could use real time video then i'm sure the NGP can too.

Grooski2697d ago

Uncharted looks amazing

Cloudberry2697d ago

Great article by the way.

Kran2697d ago

Teehee ;D

NGP/PS Vita will be amazing. I cannot wait to get my hands on one. I hope it's at Eurogamer 2011! :D

timorison2697d ago

looks pretty good i am very excited about wipeout 2048

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The story is too old to be commented.