HD DVD Backer Weinstein Goes Missing In Action; Speculation Mounts

Highdefdigest writes:

"With no releases or announcements from the Weinstein Company in over four months, speculation is mounting that there are changes afoot for the HD DVD exclusive distributor.

Could the studio be re-evaluating its HD DVD exclusivity stance? That's the current speculation among industry insiders and fans alike.

We recently brought the question to the studio itself, asking a Weinstein spokesperson to comment on the ongoing rumors, but his response seems likely to only add fuel to fire. "We aren't commenting on our High-Def plans at this time" was the only word back from the studio.

So what's cooking? Darned if we know, but with such highly anticipated next-gen titles as 'Grindhouse' and '1408' waiting in the wings, here's hoping the studio will break its silence sometime soon."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

come on, everyone knows HD DVD Is gonna win.

XBOX 360 has the best games
HD DVD has the best movies come on...

xplosneer4873d ago

The cris-cros back and forth fanboyism is getting kind of annoying. Sorry.
Anyways:Whatever I didn't really like either of those movies.

Snukadaman4873d ago

this guy was the biggest ps3 fanboy now he suddenly switched sides. Or he could be the little kid he seems too be and just cant make up his

frizshizzle4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

Dude he's probably schizophrenic.

marinelife94873d ago

Weinstein can stay HD-DVD for all I care. I could care less about 1408, Clerks II, or Wolf Creek. Pulse was terrible Lucky number Slevin was okay and Scary Movie 4 was abysmal.

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ktchong4873d ago

Weinstein's films usually come out during Fall and Winter, during the Oscar season. So Weinstein is "MIA" because they really currently don't have any "action".

Kyur4ThePain4873d ago

Then how do you explain their vague comment when asked?
Believe what you like, but I think they're waking up to reality.

happygamer4873d ago

im not interested in hd right yet but im getting closer to it just would like to see a winner either hd dvd or blu ray.

mikeslemonade4873d ago

If they're small company then they probably jumped out of high definition alltogether. There isn't money made even if you're multi-format. The companys who are in it are just trying to establish a brand and create a foundation. Blu-ray wins in the end anyway, so they're waiting.

THE_JUDGE4872d ago

with the SE of Stranglehold will be the first Weinstein company HD release in a long time. They should try to actually make good movies to put out on anything HD.