The Reason Why “Smackdown vs. Raw” Name Was Removed

Creative Director of WWE ’12 has spoken as to why the franchise will no longer be called “Smackdown vs. Raw”.

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user8586212748d ago

Finally they ditching the ps2 formula and making a true next gen wrestling game

user83971442748d ago

The PS2 formula of Here comes the pain was the best.

user8586212748d ago

How they went from Here comes the pain to SvR I will never know :/

Tzuno2748d ago

They changed the name of the game because they hope this will psychically trick the player mind in to thinking that is something new about the game when is the same old game actualized with current wrestlers and different main tittle.

MidnytRain2748d ago

Sorry, I meant to agree with you. This was what I was thinking.

"He said WWE ’12 sounds authentic to tell people that this is an officially licensed WWE product."

It DOES sound like they're just trying to make it sound "more official" to the mainstream audience.