New The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time 3D Gameplay Video Released

JI writes: "A Brand New LoZ: Ocarina of Time gameplay video has been compiled and released by Nintendo."

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SpaceSquirrel2749d ago

Brings me back. Nintendo has been releasing a lot of videos lately for Ocarina of Time.

Hitman07692749d ago

This is great but I really don't care about remakes a tenth as much as I do about new games. What do all of yall think?

crxss2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

looks amazing! can't wait!

2 things though, did adult link look small to anyone in the area in prior to the Zora's Domain though? it looked off to me but it's probably cause the camera is more zoomed out in that part. but the bigger thing is...

WTF is up with the OCARINA's buttons? YXA LR? when they played Zelda's Lullaby X was left C, A was top C, and Y was right C... did anyone else see a problem with this? Hopefully they fix it before it's release. On the touch screen as well Y is the furthest left but it's right C, X was in the middle but it was left C, etc... doesn't make sense.

-Mezzo-2749d ago

The only reason I'm saving up for a 3DS.

Eamon2749d ago

Umm. Duplicate link? What's wrong with approvers these days...

mcstorm2749d ago

Cant wait to play this game on the 3DS. Looks amazing and they have done a good job in upgrading the graphics from the original N64 Game.

NiceGuy1922749d ago

Looks like fun, but not my kind of fun unfortunately

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