3DS eShop launches in Japan... but it's not all good news

The 3DS’ eShop site has launched in Japan with a handful of games and the first Virtual Console Game Boy Games, and… well, it’s a whoops from us so far.

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Optical_Matrix2698d ago

What a flawed article. Some of which is just flat out lies and misinformation.

"But the big whoops from us is the price of the Virtual Console games. Nintendo is charging 300-400 yen for each Game Boy Game."

How is this a big whoops when thats a mere £3-4/$4-5? That's hardly expensive. About the same price as XBLA/PSN games.

"And it's worth noting that I was buying full, new, DS games in Japan for between 500-1000 Yen."

No, you weren't. Been to Japan 3 times now and I can testify that in fact, brand new DS games cost in the region of 4000-5000 yen (£30-40). Theres no way you would have been picking up BRAND NEW DS games in Japan for 500 yen. Don't gas the place up. I remember when I bought Pokemon White there on launch day and that cost me 4,800 yen.

Stupid article.

MattS2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

$4 for a game that is 15 or so years old is insane. Especially since Game Boy Games have less content than many $1 Apple App Store games.

By "new" I mean "not second hand." You wait a few months in Japan and DS games drop down to about 1000 yen (Nintendo not included). Bargins and second hand games, 500 or so yen.

I came home with 10 or so DS games, none of which I spent more than 1500 yen on, and only two of those were second hand.

It's also worth noting that if you wander around the second hand shops in Japan you can get Game Boy games cheaper than the downloads.