Twin Ring Motegi DLC Pricing Now 400 MS Points

"Hey everyone. After some back and forth with our marketing folks, I've managed to convince all parties to lower the price of our upcoming DLC track Twin Ring Motegi to 400 MS points.

I just want you guys to know that the main impetus for this is directly related to the feedback we received here on the forums - particularly the concern that 600 MS points ($7.50) requires the user to purchase a block of 1000 MS points ($12.50) from Live Marketplace, whereas 400 MS points ($5.00) only requires the user to buy a 500 MS point package ($6.25) from Marketplace.

All in all, seeing as Motegi is the first DLC track we've ever done, going through this discussion has been educational for everyone. As I've said before, the goal of DLC isn't so much a revenue generator (production costs usually far outweigh your return) but it's more of a way to keep the community engaged in your game. We wanted to make sure that we keep our eye on that goal.

Twin Ring Motegi (which includes 4 ribbons) will go live on Marketplace this Friday (10/26/07) at 9AM GMT worldwide. Motegi should show up in our scoreboard section on sometime today, and if you got the FM2 auto-update this morning, you should be able to see it in-game as well.

We're also going to launch a comprehensive Motegi track guide to go with the release at the end of today or early tomorrow morning. Look for it!

Thanks, and happy racing!"
- Chespace, Turn 10 Community Manager

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wageslave4881d ago

Sony and Nintendo take note: This is how you treat your customers.

Xbox 360 owners get superior games, value *and* service.

gogators4881d ago

damn now I might have to get Forza 2 out of storage. I still don't plan on getting back into Forza, maybe I will when some of the Forza 1 tracks are brought back. Missing Rio, extended New York, and Blue Mountain. One good example, but still MS has many examples of abuse with their pricing.

Well, one track; but the four ribbons are at least pretty different.