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RedDead2792d ago

snork you crazy bastard

Jezuz2792d ago

Don't bother replying. It's the only way they can go away. Report for trolling and move on.

Ace_Man_62792d ago

But... you've just replied to his comment =/

Sarcasmology2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

@Ace, he's talking about replying to snork directly, using the reply link ON his comment.

TheDarkness2792d ago

Downloading Uncharted 2 dlc codes and infamous. Did get the 8071D36 error but try again and it will work.

just_looken2792d ago

exactly just come the f down people today the want it to work asap day1 100%.

orange-skittle2792d ago

NOOOOO! Why would I want the Playstation store to work asap on day 1? That would be stupid considering it was down for over a month. How retarded of me

TheDarkness2792d ago

i got the uncharted 2 game of the year edition and it comes with 35$ codes/dlc

Therealspy032791d ago

kinda bs...the early adopters of the game have to pay for DLC on top of the 60 bucks we paid. they pulled the same thing with Fallout 3. very annoying.

kneon2792d ago

I think it's just volume, I got an 803???? code, can't remember exactly, but a minute later everything is downloading fine.

SageHonor2792d ago

Downloading "Infamous 2 Demo :)

Jaces2792d ago

That's what happens when millions of people are trying to log in all at once. Shit's gonna crash, lol!

I was able to get in long enough to download inFamous 2 and Red Faction Armageddon. inFamous 2 is now officially a day one purchase and RFA....I can wait a bit, though the mech part was a freaking blast.

orange-skittle2792d ago

Red Fraction? That demo has been up for 2 weeks now? Ohhhh, thats right..u dummies only have 1 console

Jazz41082792d ago

No this is what happens when servers are built cheaply or without care. Live went through this in its infancy and so will ps3. It takes time and learning from mistakes to make a strong stable network which I firmly believe ms has now achieved and sony wikll eventually. Just hope it doesn't cost them billions more to find that out.

Legion2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )


The issue with Live being down initialy had to do with not having enough resources prepared for the flux of online account creations. They surpassed their forecast of initial adopters by much more then they could handle at one time. They quickly brought in more servers and resources to handle the amount of people.

Sony on the other hand had a very reasonable account of the number of people on their service and should be estimating that nearly ALL PSN users would be rushing to update their accounts.

The last thing Sony neeeds is minor hicups when trying to rebrand their online experience. I am not sure how regionally segregated their servers are but they surely should be at least temporarily adding servers to offset the amount of Flux they know they will see.

We always had at least 1 back up (reserve)server for each 2 active servers on our net. Sony should have the means to boost their servers by at least 25% prior to the reboot of PSN. Something they definetly should have been talking about at the board meetings.

Jaces2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Holy cow the trolls are out for blood tonight.

I own both the PS3 and the 360, it's not my fault the 360 doesn't have anything worth buying. Don't think I've turned it on in months...should give it a good dusting, thanks for the reminder orange.

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Veeger2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

After 2-3 tries on each operation I succeeded to download tons of stuff, redeem a PSN card and spend it in 5 minutes. A bit of patience doesn't hurt.

Edit: servers are waaay faster in EU now, even with that much traffic.

theplay2792d ago

Go under LMB Game list PSN store ,it work!!!!!!