Saints Row: The Third Interview (Strategy Informer)

From "Strategy Informer: You've mentioned how the story missions are going to provide unique experiences not possible in the main game. Is there a reason for that? Can the technology not handle it?

James Torbit: It's more to do with tying those events into the storyline. There's two halves here - the first half is the open world gameplay, bunch of toys in a box, the other half is the story line and these moments that you're going to have on the missions. We don't want them to be arbitrary, and many of them are very complex. Some of these are very difficult to build especially outside of the context of a mission, and they are technically difficult to achieve. But these are moments we want so we keep them in the game."

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nopunctuation2695d ago

Oh great another one of these GTA clones? I thought 2011 was going to be the perfect year for games but I guess I was wront. Now its about 95% perfect,

showtimefolks2695d ago

and i mean just maybe

you will understand how fun it is.

i am huge GTA fan i consider myself a GTA fanboy and i will tell you this SR2 was 200x more fun than gta 4 could ever be

i went back to play GTA dlc and i just couldn't it felt slow and dull

so this game coming out around

uncharted 3

so if thq thought this was a clone they would not try to compete with those Ips

just_looken2695d ago

Fyi showtimefolks Volition, Inc actually said sr2 was a copy paste idea of gta sa thats why its more fun than gta4 also gta4 had crap loads of content removed because of dvd format read b4 you post. Oh also this game has a ultra small map smaller than sr2 which is bs for me map size(play area) is greater than content.

showtimefolks2695d ago

think about this how many other publishers/studios tried to copy gta and failed in a very bad way. so when THQ made the first SR i was more against the idea than anyone, but if i am to say it wasn't fun than i would be lying

also map size really? they said even though map size is smaller you will have more to do and my guess is instead of having extra space to drive i much rather it be more interesting

My point was just wait let the game come out if they just improve SR2 with a new engine and a more diverse yet still goofy story than they did their job

think i am the only one a lot of gaming media has said what i am saying now.

i am hoping for a new GTA that would be amazing but if its gonna be like GTA4 than i will not buy it at 60

we play games for fun and whether you like it or not gta 4 was not fun it was a much more serious take on gaming. I played through it 2 times that bank robbing was the best mission

yet in GTA:VC andgta:sa i can name you more missions from top of my head

just give us a HD remakes of gta 3,vc and sa along with 2 psp gta games