GameSpy: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Exclusive hands-on of the first six levels

GameSpy went hands-on with Kane & Lynch: Dead Men:

"Over the last couple of months we've been getting more and more excited about Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, so when Eidos approached us bearing exclusive preview code, our excitement level soared even higher. The game's unique mix of seriously 'mature' content (crime, automatic weapons, psychopathic bald men) is not totally new for developer Io Interactive, creators of the popular Hitman series, so we knew that we were in for an f-bomb-laden treat. What we didn't know was how totally and completely our expectations would be met and exceeded."

"Rarely is it that we are so totally enamored with an early preview build of a game, but this game has such a powerful mood (strongly delivered through awesome tension-fueling music, incredibly life-like graphics and enough swearing and cursing to make a sailor weep) that we just can't help ourselves."

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Eclipticus4873d ago

this game i cant wait for. Looking foward to this one much more than Army of Two

MK_Red4873d ago

"Io Interactive's classic M-rated touch" Can't wait.