A really real Halo 3 Da Vinci Code Easter egg

Usually video games are chalk full of secret images, objects or jokes that we call Easter eggs and are things developers hide in their game for the sole reason of having fun hiding stuff. But rarely do we get to use the coined term "Easter egg" so literally as is the case with the latest Halo 3 Easter egg named the Da Vinci Code Egg. Per the video, you can see that Project Mod Gaming found numerous colorful eggs high atop multiplayer map Sandtrap, each with what looks to be a secret Da Vinci code printed on them.

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Twizlex4918d ago (Edited 4918d ago )

I don't get it... Does this actually mean something? And why do they fly to more than one - they all look the same! This video only needed to be 20 seconds long, at most.

dachiefsman4918d ago

if you crack the code you get the mario armor set....

ShiftyLookingCow4918d ago

also indicating new partnership between MS and Nintentdo incl. the real reason why Super Smash Bros was delayed, they are going to include Master Chief

just kidding

Shankle4918d ago (Edited 4918d ago )

Really? You were kidding? well you had me going!

DaveUsher4918d ago

That's freakin funny, it's not a secret code, it's an untextured object, the code you see is used for UV mapping to ensure that the texture is nice and clean. Good luck finding the hidden meaning!

Twilightx74918d ago

Looks more like a UV checkerboard, used in a lot of 3D applications for ensuring that textures don't stretch too badly, etc. etc. No secret message there, just the alphabet.

Edit: Apparently someone beat me to it, that's what I get for not reading.

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