Nintendo Is Secretly Wii-ing In The Back Garden

According to some, the Wii is being a bit secretive...

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drewlusk5870d ago

The nintendo system is a waste of money. Why buy a system that is marginally better then the last-gen. It will never be able to look better than the 360/PS3 becuase it is not high-def capable. The controller is stupid most people will look like idiots playing it. I for one will not buy it but it would be cool to play the old NES games on it. That might be their only saving grace for this lackluster console.

ChickeyCantor5870d ago

its not about what system is better is about the games, narrow minded people like you are just soo ignorend

drewlusk5870d ago

True to a point. If I am going to spend my hard earned money on a system why would I buy one that has half the power and features? I have a high-def tv, why would a buy a nex-gen system that cant display high def? Nintendo's advertising and marketing is behind the revolutionary Wii!! How is it revolutionary? Because it has a new controller? So what!! Who cares about waiving your arms around in front of the TV? I would not be saying this if it was High-Def capable and could crank out great looking games like the 360/PS3. To pay $200 for a new controller is retarded!!!!!!!!!

ChickeyCantor5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

its not depends on the DEVS.
idiots like you dont understand that its time for something new. its not 200 for a realize if they made this system in the year 2000 it would cost like what ? 500+ dollars?
its a new system way stronger then the GC so dont bullsh!t about it its just a new got HD so what ?
i got a normal tv...i dont need freaking great HD to play games..i bet you are jurking off to the PS3 and xbox360 gfx :S but what is the point of playing a game when the freaking gameplay SUCKS.
and yess Wii's gameplay could suck !
BUT atleast its something new to the other consoles

OO and you can get the Ps3 or x360 im not stopping but dont bash nintendo if you dont even know half whats the console of nintendo is about.

wakkiwakko5870d ago

How are PS3 and X360 revolutionary? Aren't they just upgrades of their previous consoles? LoL! Wii is an upgrade and a redesigned control scheme. PS3 and X360 just have nice new polished graphics. Nothing else or nothing new. If upgraded graphics are what it means to be revolutionary, then wii is ten times better than a ps3 and 360 combined. It has upgraded graphics from the gamecube. (Check for graphic whores) it has a list of impressive games. (Check for game play whores) it also has a brand spanking new way of playing and experiencing video games. (Uncheck for ps3 and 360) That's one more for the wii and one less for the expensive upgraded "next gen" consoles. Christ. I can get a new graphics card for the pc and I can call it revolutionary? Haha! I don't think so!

Wii has more features than ps3 and 360 put together. Just because it doesn’t display in hd means nothing when HD’s are still too expensive for the mass public! PS3/360 are just upgraded consoles with nothing new in terms to enjoyment. You’ll enjoy a ps3 game as you would a ps3 and a 360 game as you would an Xbox game. With wii it’s all new. Only reason why ps3 and 360 are so ‘cool’ is because of their HD capabilities. Hahaha. Wii is cheap and it does more than a 600 dollar console and does enough to keep in line with a 400 dollar console. Yeah… wii is horrible. :P

drewlusk5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

It wouldnt take much to upgrade from the Gamecube as any game that was on the Xbox and PS2 looked better than the Gamecube. Nintendo is missing the boat by not being HD. Wake up we are in the HD-ERA now. SD displays just don't cut it. I can bare to look at tv or games that are not in HD as they look like crap. Nintendo is appealing to the low end consumer those who cant afford HDTV or dont care. I am not saying that I won't ever buy the console but it wont be for their games but the vitual console so I can play the old classics. Still I view this as a way to pedal a new controller/interface. I have never once said man I hate this controller I wish that I had one that looks like a TV remote that I can move in front of the TV. I like the Xbox/PS contollers becuase I can sit, relax and play. Wii will be fun to play don't get me wrong, it will be a decent console but to not include HD is a major misstep and one that will not earn my money. It's like paying 2000 for a HDTV and buying a VCR to play your movies back instead of a dvd player. Come on!!! no one would do that.

ChickeyCantor5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

so that means you are just go for GFX and not are not a gamer but a hardware whore.

and next to that you are just going with the HYPE of HD ;"Wake up we are in the HD-ERA now."

so monky see monky do right?

it seems that sony did achived there thing...Make HD games so we can sell our HD tv's......they all got you by the tail man

wakkiwakko5870d ago

Resident Evil on GCN looks ten times better on GCN than it ever did on PS2. So... I think even though slightly upgraded it will have graphics that will rival those of ps3 and x360 seen on a standard TV. A standard TV that's dominating the world by storm while HDtv stocks are piling up. :P In five years you can say that the wii is total garbage, you’ll be right. Cause in five years affordable HDTV’s will be making their way into every household in every city, in every nation, from Lake Geneva to the Finland station! :D

When HD becomes a norm HD consoles will then shine. Right now x360 is nothing but an xbox1.5, PS3 is nothing but a PS2.5. When we HD becomes the standard PS3 will then be a PS3 and Xbox 360 will be an Xbox 360 and then Nintendo will release another console, sheesh, that will finally compete in the HD market. Right now adding a feature that will only be used by a very small number is very stingy on the companies part. Sony has added features not a lot of gamers will ever use, yet they still have to pay the 600 dollar fee or a 500. X360 has it too. Wii is built for current gen of gamers as no one is ready for next gen HD gaming just yet. Next Gen isn’t here yet. It’s coming. PS3 will introduce nothing new. 360 hasn’t done it yet. Wii is bringing in loads of guns to the table yet everyone if focused on those worthless graphics.

I laugh at every 360 owner who bought dead rising and doesn’t on an HDTV.

It's what fanboys call future proofing but it's what I call a waste! They, Sony, could've gone the X360 way and just release a console for games, but they had to fill it up with garbage. Just garbage.

Y’know as I read all comments posted here, everyone seems to talk about how a game looks, how shiny and delicious is it. But no one is saying how great it will play. PS3 vs 360 wars are all about graphics. PS3 can do this while 360 can’t do that. Games look better on a 360 and look like garabge on the ps3. No one is saying how sweet MGS4 will play ever since they announced it will have a 3D camera that was introduced in substance version of MGS3. (I think) Y’know? Or how lair will play. Or gears of war! Or any other game! The only console gamers talk about gameplay is the wii. How will red steel play now that people found out it’s free form. Or how Zelda will play now that they’ve revamped the controls to make it more intuitive.

Nintendo is aiming to reach gamers who want to play games and only want to play games. PS3 and 360 are nice consoles; they deliver graphics that are truly amazing! But no one cares how these games will play, just as long as they get their share of adrenaline filled graphics.


drewlusk5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

A bit of both. NBA Live on 360 looked great but the gameplay sucked no amount of HD grafix could save that sorry game. A controller to me does not matter to gameplay. I dont care for the PS3 contoller it is a matter of preference. I dont like PC games because I dont like the keyboard and mouse set up. The 360 controller to me is near perfect but that is a matter of preference. However if I am going to put down a chunk of change for a console I want the best gameplay,grafix and HD-display. The Wii will deliver gameplay but it will not be revolutionary in its grafix and display. Therefor it will not get my hard earned money. Most people either have now or will be buying a HD-TV in the next year or two. So why would Nintendo opt to exlude those of us that have an HDTV? The advertising that I have heard says that the Wii is going to appeal to the non-gamers and gamers alike. I dont see that. My father will never pick up the Wii to play. My Wife would not play the Wii. If anything the 360 is the system for the whole family as you can play you music, photos and video that are attached to your home network through the 360 as a media center extender. Now that is something that the whole family can enjoy. Along with Xbox Live Arcade and games like Texas Hold'em, Uno ect.. these are game that you might get the non-gamers to play. Not Super Mario Brothers (which is one of my favortie games). The 360 is the console for the whole family and it delivers a true entertainment hub and game system for the whole family. Once you hook it up to your PC it is truly worth every penny you will pay and it will be used not just for games but for all your entertainment needs.

ChickeyCantor5870d ago

any way nintendo is making a smart move, without the HD function games will cost less to develope, and the price of the nintendo will only raise if they make it HD functional.
before you know it you will be used to HD gfx you just want gameplay over that, after few games you wont be WOW'D anymore.
but suit your self, just realize that the HD-era will be over soon.

ChickeyCantor5870d ago

OMG nintendo is about gaming not about showing pictures and listen to music....for that we have something called a PC!

Wii is for evryone, so we can play together...something thats called FUN.

drewlusk5870d ago

They dont have me by the tail. Once you have HDTV you will never go back to watching SD tv again. There is no comparison HDTV is ten times better than SD. You are even smart enough to understand that. By the way I dont own a sony tv or a PS and I would never buy the PS3 because it is not worth $600 not even with blu-ray.

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