US PlayStation Store Update 25th October

The US PlayStation Store has been updated with the following:

Downloadable Games:
Spyro The Dragon

Add Ons:
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Rachel Master add-on
Piyotam Halloween skin

Game Trailers:
Time Crisis 4 trailer
Bionic Commando trailer

Theatrical Trailers:
The Water Horse
P.S I love you

Blu-ray Trailers:
Reign Over Me
AC/DC live At Donington

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

Sony... what the hell?

Fisher3394877d ago

Eh one bad week in awhile. We used to get like 1 demo a month.

R&C came out this week so it's all good. but to my surprise it was all sold out. :( had to order it from amazon

MikeMichaels4877d ago

Thats cool. Im gonna check out that AC/DC thing tonight between sessions of Ratchet.

Rock on!

Timesplitter144877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

Oh it's not that bad. We get like 3 good demos per month
(R&C, GT5:P, Folklore, more...)

LSDARBY4877d ago

EU get a better update this week (for once) with the PS Eye stuff. And better trailers

masterg4877d ago

This is the first time in weeks there isn't anything I want.
All im getting is AquaVita on the EU store.

blusoops4877d ago

Where are the DEMOS?!!! NFS:Pro Street / PES 08 / and especially GT5Prolouge!!

sonarus4877d ago

can an1 confirm this cus am checkin d store and i see nuthin

masterg4877d ago

It has not updated yet. Only to EU store so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.