Microsoft profit rises on Halo 3 sales

Microsoft Corp posted a rise in quarterly profit Thursday, boosted by healthy demand for personal computers loaded with its Windows operating system and strong sales of its "Halo 3" video game.


According the Bloomberg, Microsoft's games division reported revenue of $1.93 billion, compared with $1.03 billion last year.

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Kuest4871d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I'm stuck in the middle between two fanboys!


Thanks, friend! Its lucky you came when you did.

There was just enough room for one person...

Daxx4871d ago

I'll keep you company.

jiggyjay4871d ago

Hmm here comes the downfall of Sony in the gaming industry! M$ will start to dominate the industry just like it did in the computer industry!

TheMART4871d ago

@ patriotZero

Pathetic Sony fanboy trying to do damage control and likes to feel good about a bad investment (600 Euro/Dollar in a PS3 that's worth 400 within a half year) by spamming nonsense

ktchong4871d ago


And Microsoft's revenues/profits have always been more than Sony. That's why people say Microsoft grows money on tree.

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The story is too old to be commented.