Nintendo uses natural selection for its quality control

EGM, and likely many, many Wii and DS owners have maligned the lack of quality control on Nintendo platforms of late, especially how tightly the company held the reigns in the early days. In a recent interview, outgoing Nintendo spokesperson Perrin Kaplan defended the company, explaining that it was less focused on quality control than natural selection. More within...

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ItsDubC4873d ago

Ya Nintendo back in the day were very strict about which games were released on their platforms, almost to the point of seeming elitist. I think the success of the PS2 was an eye-opener for Nintendo because the company began changing its ways during the Gamecube era. Now look at the DS's software library - it's huge and has a wide range of games w/ varying levels of quality. Nintendo doesn't seem like the nitpicky quality control freaks they used to be.

Rooftrellen4873d ago

Well, if they let developers throw enough at a wall, something will eventually stick.

That seemed to be what Sony did with the PS and PS2, with the first year for both having a huge number of bad games, with some gems. Nintendo watched, learned, and, this gen, did the same thing.

I remember the days of the SNES that they wouldn't allow blood on games. Now here comes Manhunt 2, released the same time of the year as Mario Galaxy. That just shows how much Nintendo is letting loose, now.

Fux4Bux4873d ago

Letting hoards of junk onto the system just makes the good games go ignored and leaves a bad impression to anyone who doesn't know what the good games are.

alaaji4873d ago

you have a point that many good games will be ignored but this strategy is how PS2 won the last generation and is still going strong 7 years later. You can't argue with the results.

M_Prime4872d ago

hey.. its a better strategy then they had with the GC..

the weird thing is sony fanboys don't know this is how PS became PS and they pride theirselves in the AAA titles they have.. which are just flukes.. i mean what about all the crap out there on the PS1 and PS2?

but u know what.. u gatta start somewhere... and i noticed that WII games are getting BETTER.. and i am so excited about HEROS2.. better controls then MP3?!??!!?! thats some good crap right there