Warhawk Soundtrack Now Available At iTunes

Those of you who play Warhawk regularly are well aware of the sweeping orchestral tracks that accompany your frequent ass-kicking, which means the music plays a significant role in your experience. Well, if you want to bring a portion of that experience with you on the go, head on over to iTunes and download those very same tracks.

SCEA has announced that this soundtrack, featuring 21 original tracks from Warhawk, is now available for download at the iTunes music store.

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bym051d4873d ago

Does it cost anything? If so, I won't be d/ling. I don't feel like giving any more money to Incognito with all the Warhawk problems I've experienced.

predator4873d ago

whats warhawk like, is it good online?

Bits-N-Kibbles4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )


I have to say the music is very very good. But i don't see why I should buy it when I can play and experience it in game...

SmokeyMcBear4873d ago

to put it mildly.. yes.. ohhhh yes. Theres nothing like the chaos of warhawks, tanks, jeeps, flamethrowers, rocket, launchers, and snipers in this game.. very very fun. And contrary to what people might say.. it has absolutely no lag.. well at least on the sony servers, pretty much all i play, except for maddens servers when he puts them up.

predator4873d ago

whats the voice headset like, can you hear clearly and talk with no hassel, just asking cos mite get a ps3.

SmokeyMcBear4873d ago

yeah talking is clear, the only thing wrong with it is that you have to push down the left analog stick to talk. Which is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes you get random static/noise because people in the heat of battle tend to push down on the stick, but other than that, connects really nice. Another bonus is you don't have that wire from your headset to the controller, never understood that.

DJ4873d ago

it's one of the few titles that my friends and I play everyday.

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LSDARBY4873d ago

Only sad people would download the soundtrack to this game, i mean come on. Its not that good that id wanna listen to it on my ipod.

weswedfert4856d ago

thats gay y would u pu it on itunes????? omg thats just wierd