Breaking Into the Games Industry

Next-Gen's spoken to publishers and developers at this week's London Games Festival on the topic of breaking into the industry which were formulated to give those with game career aspirations a fighting chance.

The skills, experience or talent needed to break into the industry varies at company to company, as do necessary requirements on a job-to-job basis. Therefore this is by no means a complete list that will cover all the various possibilities that can arise during the process of applying for a particular role, but more a selection of general tips that candidates would do well to abide by. The advice is being given by the cognoscente – current industry recruiters from the likes of EA, Ubisoft and Blitz, and market leading UK recruitment agents

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remix4871d ago

im going to college for game design and im working on a game story right now and have been for months. it coming together to be really good. i need all the advice i can get so this was good.

how bout you, you goin to school for some type of gaming eduacation

Pugovitz4871d ago

I'm going to WestWood right now; SUCKS! But I inted to go to SMU Guildhall and I'm always looking for articles like this.

remix4871d ago

well work really hard man. im sure you can accomplish what you want to accomplish. is there a SPECIFIC trade you want to do in the game design buisness