Project Gotham Racing 4 Video Review (Play:Digital)

Katharine Fletcher of reviews Project Gotham Racing 4 on October 21. (4 stars out of 5)

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vgn244876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Now since people love to try and tell me I don't know the rules that well. Please tell me I got this one right. Duplicate story that failed.

You want to explain that Peg? You submitted the same review twice? User Reported. It's that important to you to get this review up? Why? What's you agenda?

Everyone seems to have one. The Mart turned out to be just boosting his numbers so he could eventually promote his own site's content. Is it the same for you? Are planning to spam n4g like every other little kid?

If an article fails, it fails. That's it.

ktchong4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

This review came out just 4 days ago. You deliberately and fraudulently reported this as 22 days old.

Another Project Gotham Review was approved right after this one:

and ATLRoAcH, who approved that later review, has admitted that he made a mistake and did not bother checking the date when he made his report for an earlier review:

You broke the rules first by making false report, and that invalidates your "duplicate story that failed" claim for this one.

vgn244876d ago

They can sometimes look intimidating because they contain a lot of crazy letters. So let me break down the meaning to it's simplest form.

This already failed.

So for whatever reason, it should not have been submitted again. And what do you mean I lose? Is this a competition? Do you think I have a self-imposed challenge to report your submissions? No. I report as per n4g rules. I don't care when a review is posted. And I don't care what region UNLESS the code is different. And I know for a fact that outside of the screen ratio and introduction screen that details licensing and ratings, the code is identical. That means the game is the same.

Now you'll notice I will be approving Conan reviews during this week. Because the gameplay was changed in localization.

You are ignorant of what these companies do and how they handle their games. And ignorance is only forgivable to those who admit they don't know. As a contributor you are saying you understand this industry. That has been established as a lie. You are clueless and I'm ashamed to frequent the same site as you. You are an embarrassment to any contributor, yourself, and your family.

ktchong4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

A day ago you yourself admitted that you would approve anything I report or report anything I approve - just out of spite. And you turned in a submission just to throw a hissy:

Why would anyone here take you seriously?

vgn244876d ago

Sadly, you're unfamiliar with the English word commentary also I see. The submission (which states in itself that there's no intention of it being approved) is a commentary on the state of this site.

It has devolved into such a sorry thing as of late. That's one reason my staff is not allowed to submit ANY articles to n4g. The place isn't for news or legit reviews anymore. It's for petty people to push what they feel is important instead of actual news and legit reviews.

While I'm sure this silly and childish back and forth could continue, I'll stop here. When you get older, you'll understand. Trying to explain logic to a a wall will only waste your time. And you are a perfect example of this.

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kss4876d ago

oh i certainly like her

Lygre4876d ago

She didn't even mention the multiplayer over Xbox Live. That you could drive custom games or ranked and team ranked races.

I just hate that some reviewers only talk/write about the singleplayer part of the game. Especially when the multiplayer on Xbox Live is a pretty big deal in PGR4.