Mario Galaxy leaked to the 'net

A NeoGAF post has information on the apparent leak of the Mario Galaxy code well before the game's official release. It seems that the demo copies found at local Electronics Boutique stores only have a ten minute time limit when played on EB's proprietary demo machines, and when played in consumer Wiis, the disc actually contains the full version of Galaxy. Taking advantage of this, a scurvy EB employee lifted the disc, copied the data from it, and uploaded it all directly into the cargo hold of his nearest Internet receptacle.

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ChickeyCantor4875d ago

....well if you are a fan you still buy it.

Kuest4875d ago

you don't cheat mario!

ArmaniG4874d ago

cant wait to play this game! I would love to play it now as I have my Wii hacked but only buy the games to really want to keep. like Zelda & Mario... But I can't find this game anywhere yet on the net! ahhh makin me go crazy! no torrents at all...

Geohound4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

I just saw this on 4chan.


Ah, memes.

Syko4875d ago

Will be playing this tomorrow if that's the case. I still plan on giving the $50 when it drops but no reason to wait if I can play it now. Wiikey FTW.

texism4875d ago

You know what would be awesome? If Nintendo put in a code that will make your Wii explode if you tried to play the thing on a mod-system.

dexterwang4875d ago

Looks like modded Wiis do have an advantage... muahahaha, not that I'm saying I have a modded wii... but I kno will be enjoying a certain mario game tonite

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