Lost in Haze: Free Radical Interview

British developer Free Radical is no stranger to success. Back when the team was part of Rare, it created GoldenEye, widely regarded as one of the best games on the Nintendo 64. Since then the team has made its own name known through the TimeSplitters series. But it's the developer's new game, the futuristic first-person shooter Haze for the PlayStation 3, that seems the most ambitious.

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DarkSniper4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

I'm surprised this article doesnt have a picture of Ken Kutaragi and the 4D shades as the pic.


Timesplitter144871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Are you DarkSniper from the unofficial Timesplitters 3 forums? (a long time ago)

mesh14871d ago

free radical have nothing to do with goldeneye big deal they worked for rare and got fired haze is garbage.

Panthers4871d ago

I hope the release date stands. The game looks like it has a great story.

remix4871d ago

i mean, the graphics arent the best. and the gameplay is about nectar and shooting a guy in the back of the neck and he turns on his team mates. everything in the game seems really boring, NO REALLY GOOD WEAPONS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. its just a average shooter with nectar. only thing thats going for this game to me is 4 player co op. THIS IS NOT TRIPPLE AAA. I DONT THINK THIS IS ANYMORE TRIPPLE AAA THEN KILLZONE 2 WILL BE (GRAPHICS ARE NICE BUT WHAT ABOUT THE GAMEPLAY) MGS4 AND LBP FTW

Rooted_Dust4871d ago

If you have doubts about the game look where it's coming from. Have you ever played any of the Timesplitter games? They are all excellent shooters that mostly swing back towards a GoldenEye style of Objective based missions and awesome multiplayer. Look at it this way. They have alot more to stand on than Gurilla games does, they only good/great game they've made so far was KZ: Liberation.

Apocwhen4871d ago

From what I saw you get to play on both sides in this game. you start off as a Mantal trooper on Nectar fighting the rebels, then you switch sides, so I can't see it shooting people in the back the whole time making them overdose on Nectar.

No real good weapons? just go to to see the weapons for this game. If there's nothing in there that meets your taste I'm not sure what sort of FPS you are after, maybe something more along the lines of Jericho instead.

The coop is sure to be a hit and if the controls are tight as they look it'll be pretty good fun multiplayer online too.

omfg_1114871d ago

but to be honest: i dont think haze will be AAA ...

Scythesean4871d ago

As it stands now, the game is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. PC and Xbox 360 versions were in development, but in late August publisher Ubisoft said that they had been cancelled.

TheMART4871d ago

Nah they will still come in 2008. This is called MARKETING

Push as much on the first platform saying its exclusive and then get it on the next. Lost Planet was 'exclusive' for some time, remember?

Apocwhen4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

I'd be surprised to not see it on xbox 360 too. This game has probably been in dev for more than 2 years, that's alot of 360 dev work to just abandon. If it was running on 360 up to a couple months ago then they probably weren't far away from beta at that stage so there probably isn't much work left to bring it to 360. But I'll be picking it up for PS3 next month anyway. It'll probably score in the mid 80's on most sites, IGN might even slap a 90 on it :)

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