Second Life featured in tonight's episode of The Office

When virtual worlds hit mainstream culture, they hit hard. First, it was a recent episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, featuring a fictional game called "Another YOUniverse" (we know, we know). Then, it was last night's CSI: New York, which had a criminal investigation taking part inside Second Life.

Now, it's NBC's The Office, featuring video games prominently in an episode for the second time as the annoying beet farmer / paper salesman Dwight K. Schrute explores Second Life amidst the other office hijinks.

The episode airs tonight at 9/8c on NBC.

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chester4877d ago

without a doubt agreed. can watch each episode multiple times and find something new and find the jokes funnier each and every time.

PS360WII4877d ago

yea this show is a riot.

Rhaigun4877d ago

I can only imagine. As if his regular life isn't odd enough.

mighty_douche4877d ago

no offence americans but your version sucks ass

Geohound4877d ago

a might douche.

I enjoy both versions, if that's your opinion, I'm glad you felt like sharing it. American humor is different than British humor. Deal with it, and respect other cultures.

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