IGN: Serious Sam 3 Revealed

First details and video of Croteam's kill-crazy sequel

Jacobite4565d ago

Looking forward to SS3 on the PC

Istanbull4565d ago

OH YEAH! I love the old school Serious Sam!

Fishy Fingers4565d ago

Great and should release quite soon. Obviously not a fan of the paper work involved with making a console game, but hopefully they cut through that and everyone gets the game soon enough.

THWIP714565d ago

...because I can never play the SS games for more than 20 minutes or so at a time. They're too intense, with waaaay too many enemies at once, LOL. Looks great though. :D

Jack-Pyro4565d ago

Duke Nukem Eat your Heart Out!

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Serious Duke 3D, Duke Nukem 3D remake in Serious Sam 3, is complete and available for download

Serious Duke 3D is a fan remake of Duke Nukem 3D in the Serious Sam 3 Engine. The project is now complete and is currently available for download.

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VTKC1578d ago

I wonder if the objectifying women parts were left in.

VTKC1578d ago

It be interesting considering how easily offended people are now compared to back then. 1984 George Orwell-ish.

Teflon021578d ago

This actually looks amazing. I'll need to download in the future


Duke Nukem 3D remake in Serious Sam 3 is absolutely glorious, way better than Duke Nukem Forever

DSOGaming writes: "A few hours ago, we informed you about a Star Wars Dark Forces mod for Duke Nukem 3D. However, we have even greater news for all you Duke Nukem fans out there. Steam member ‘Syndroid’ has released a remake of the classic Duke Nukem 3D game in Serious Sam 3 that works with VR and looks miles better than Duke Nukem Forever."

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FanboysKiller1670d ago

The gameplay needs to be fast paced and not slippy.


Croteam is still working on Serious Sam 4, all Serious Sam games will support Vulkan instead of DX9

DSOGaming writes: "Croteam has informed us about a number of updates and improvements that will be coming to all Serious Sam games. In addition, the team re-confirmed that it is working on the fourth major part of the Serious Sam series."

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theXtReMe12482d ago

Great to hear! I love these games. They are just mindless fun and have some of the best graphics. Croteam is one talented developer. Cant wait to see what they come up with for us next.

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Kokyu2481d ago

What is with these ancient humor shootes taking like 10yrs+ to make? I hope it isnt a nother Duke nuke'em forever.

spicelicka2481d ago

What the hell Croteam why is it VR only?

Sorry but this seems like an on-rails side project, I was really hoping for a full fledged game on all platforms :(

TheCommentator2481d ago

Wait, DX9? Why would anybody still support DX9? DX12 would be able to run on any DX because of its' Feature Level detection.

Anyways, glad to hear Serious Sam is coming back. Seriously.