Sony's Achilles Heel: The PS3

Howard Stringer's lengthy, difficult restructuring of Sony looks like it's working.

One problem, Sony's videogame business, which was supposed to be the company's standard bearer as it moves forward, is falling behind.

Response to its new PS3 game unit, released late last year, has been underwhelming, forcing the company to slash prices throughout the summer and fall. In the U.S. where the consoles were originally sold for $499 and $599, Sony has knocked down prices to $399 and $499; it made similar cuts in Europe and Japan

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

If PS3 is gonna loose Sony money, It's good to know they got plenty.

PS3 lives on baby...

TheMART4876d ago

Plenty indeed...


SRuN44876d ago

Just like Microsofts Gaming Division right? Who has yet to crack an OVERALL profit from their lil venture in the video game industry.

Multigamer4876d ago Show
sonysoIdiers4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

A Definitive Guide to New PS3 Fans :

1. Never say something good about our competitor's consoles/games/news/articles. Try to attack its shortcomings (i.e RRODs, 640p, Xbots, no-BluRays, etc.) and do not listen to their opinions.

2. Never believe when they bring up bad/negative news about the Playstation 3, just say something like "it doesn't surprise me" and act as if there's nothing wrong with it.

3. Never show your anger even if they make fun of your opinion, put a smile sign (i.e LOL, WOW, OMG, LMAO, HAHA, etc.) in your writings or say something like you don't get upset over anything and you're too busy playing your favorite CELL-powered PS3 games.

4. Never cease to defense other Ps3 fans (Add his/her "Bubbles") like you always do for your favorite console. Show the crowds that Ps3 owners are one big family unit.

5. Never EVER think the Playstation 3 will loose the console wars or it ain't got no games, the console's lifespan is about 10 years so it's just in the beginning. You do not want to give up things easily, do you?

Thanks so much for your loyalty to Sony's Playstation 3. There's always hopes and promises in the future!

Let's tell to the world, loud and clear : Go SONY - PLAYB3YOND!

XxZxX4876d ago

nobody like lightning??? more like no XBOTs like lightning and frankly i don't think he will care about XBOTs telling him to shut up. but instead he should talk more just to work the XBots up more.

Look at the replies, their words match how nasim always said but instead of PS3, it's xbox 360. sadly only nasim got one minus bubbles.

No worry lightning, you can safely ignore them.

ruibing4876d ago

I don't understand why users biased towards the 360 should be expected to comment on these topics without seeming biased. The weird thing is that I've never developed the urge to check the 360 tab to scrutinize 360 articles. Not only that, they tend to have multiple posts per PS3 article as well. Is this due to a younger demographic or maybe they just love the internet? Who knows.

Anyways, we all know the gaming division is operating at a loss, but we don't know the source of that. The obvious reason is the PS3 production and sales, but it could also be from increasing cash flow to in-house studios, developers it is publishing for, advertisement (we know PS3 has been weak in the states in this area), improving PSN (which is free for us but costs them money to support), improving development tools (which helps both first and third party developers), altering manufacturing lines (20GB and 60GB to 40GB and 80GB), and corporate restructuring (it's not a free service). Most of these are part of their managerial accounting (that's the accounting thats kept secret for every company versus financial accounting) so I don't see why anyone should pretend to know the percentage attributed to each area. Let's just say that they could be doing a lot better and hope that they do.

jaja14344876d ago

To be fair both sides have about an equal number of trolls. The only really large fanboy group on this site are the die hard BR supporters.

Lex Luthor4876d ago

Selling off parts of your company to fund Ps3 is not good at all.

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batman2million4876d ago

I am getting tired of these anti ps3 articles. Let everyone play what they want and start writing something that actually has some worth to it.

This is just repeating things we know.

shmee4876d ago

RROD caused xbox division over 2 billion to MS last quarter.

why arent articles on MS losses posted like SONY's

cant stand these viral marketers

bym051d4876d ago


Any proof this is from a viral marketer and not a valid news source? Otherwise, I'm going to approve it.

ScentlessApprentice74876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Another Day, Another negative less-than-optimistic PS3 article.

Playstation 2 was at the top of the hill the last generation, so news sources (particularly game-devoted news sources) know treating the PS3 like a red-headed stepchild in news articles like this generates heat because the playstation brand has the biggest fanbase.

I love the comment in the article where it said something like "PS3 is supposed to be the trojan horse that gets Sony's Blu-Ray DVD players into consumers' homes. We'll see" I love that last part. They act like the PS3 has had NO IMPACT on the Blu-Ray market as of yet, like if where all lost one year back in time.

These PS3 News articles make the xbox 360 look like it's all peaches and cream, which it isn't. My God, this site never fails to surprise me.

Lucreto4876d ago

I am sick of this news.

This site is more like News 4 360.

There are more anti-sony news that pro-sony on this site.

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pilotpistolpete4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

How on Earth do these people even find these articles!

"Oh, I think I'll go check out "Silicon Valley Insider beta" to see if there's any bad ps3 news"


wtf are you talking about? This isn't the guardian, first off.

And what does it matter. Since when do people frequent sites like these for gaming news? It's obviously something that popped up on page 10 of a google search.

Granted the author is a former Forbes writer, but all he did was look at Sony's fiscal report, notice that ps3 was loosing money, and decided to point out that Sony's gaming is the weakest link. I could of told you that (but not write it, since apparently I am illiterate).

wageslave4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Tell me you know who The Guardian is.

Its one of the most widely read and respected newspapers on the planet.

EDIT: Wow 4 Disagrees, perhaps it was my rudeness. I've remoted it.

There is no "disagreeing" with what I said about the Guardian. ITs like you saying the sky is purple.

wageslave4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

"RROD caused xbox division over 2 billion to MS last quarter."

You dont understand how financials work. For starters, the charge was $1B not $2B as the SDF wishes it would be.

Further, the "charge" is taken in a single quarter to simplify accounting of the Past and Future.

This is how large corporations work, they "save up the accounting" until the announcment then book extra accounting for their future spending on an issue.

$1B is what they will spend in total to fix all the heat issues.

But, luckily, that is all behind them. The machine is fixed.

Motherboard Version 1.1. This Motherboard has fewer components, smaller components, new layout, and a new CPU/GPU mounting methodology.

Look at this: http://www.mainstageclothin...

"Having identified a number of factors which can cause general hardware failures indicated by three red flashing lights on the console, Microsoft has made improvements to the console and is enhancing its Xbox 360 warranty policy for existing and new customers."


"We have made all the improvements in our manufacturing process, All the consoles on the market have those improvements.

The reason you dont get your wish, is because the 3RR problems are in the past. They arent news. Except to FUD spreaders.

Your not as astute as you think you are son. Not only am I not "broke", but I am not a "lil kid".

Im over thirty, have a CS degree and a fulltime professional job in a Fortune 5 firm in my field. I'm married to lovely women in the same situation. I can assure you, money for $500 consoles arent a trouble.

The "fanboys" are those who manufacture reality, what I've posted -- what I always post -- is substantiated fact. Sure, I use exciting rhetoric occassionally for my own amusement, but Im well read and far better informed than you'd guess.

In short; suck-it hater. :)

MikeGdaGod4876d ago

you are a true f*cking loser.

you believe anything MS says and pray for Sony's downfall. after reading your comments the last few days its obvious you're just another broke lil kid, hatin on things your mommy won't buy you.

i said it once, and i'll say it twice...............XBOTS ARE THE WORST

Kuest4876d ago

don't even try.

Wageslave's entire post was dedicated exclusively to the losses MS had incurred due to the 3 year warranty.... that and how MS is attempting to RECTIFY the console's awkward situation.

There's a time and place to diss fanboys, man. All you're doing, however, is mocking a user's attempt to correct FALSE facts.

MikeGdaGod4876d ago

but since i don't like to put people on my ignore list and i don't like to hit disagree, there only so long i can hold my tongue.

i've seen his comments for a while and said nothing. but sometimes i just can't resist.

f*ck this sh!t........i'm on the game

Kuest4876d ago

All I'm saying is- let's diss fanboys when they DESERVE it.

I'm not saying Wageslave is a saint... i've read his posts. But, I don't think its fair to prejudge users before listening to what they have to say. Otherwise, how will they change?

Cole Slaw4876d ago

Wageslave. You too Kuest. 360 fanboys make me sick.

Kuest4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

If it isn't what my mother used to make me eat for lunch. Your disgusting, you know that? You got way too much dressing on you... that, and too much pineapple.

How the hell did you get out here, Cole Slaw? Last time I saw you, it was 5 years ago... and you were covered in toilet paper.


edit: to Snukadaman

Exactly. In fact, you actually stated my point better than I did. Bubbles for you (I'm cheap, but just accept them).

Snukadaman4876d ago

dude was putting up facts and he is labeled a fanboy...its not like how nasim puts up numbers with no links sometimes....I will listen too anyones facts as long as they have some sort of link too back up their claims...if you just put up BS like JUMP IN and PLAY BEYOND you lose all credibility and you look like the fanboy shill you portray.

Mikey_Gee4876d ago

If some fanboy is ranting and blowing smoke out of his/her a$$, fine .. have fun with it ...

... but when somebody lays claims about either the PS3 or 360 "AND" provides links/reference/backing .... I would not call he/she a fanboy.

A fanboy is the idiot that just blerts out the most dumb ass statments with "ZERO" substance to the comment.

For Example:

Yeeeahhh beOtch !! The (insert console name here) is da shiz-nits and all you [email protected] (insert console name here) owners can eat a d!ck cauze you sh1tty azz machine ain't worth a pinch and will go down in flamzzzz !!


I still wish N4G would deploy a "RETARD FANBOY" filter and clean up the site.

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Spike474876d ago

I don't think that the
360 is "fixed "now.

if you go and buy a 360 there is still a chance it will break on you more than a ps3 or a wii.

toughNAME4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

(you shouldnt) but thats the price you pay for a better console.

Personally...I have the money but the PS3 isnt even on my radar because of lack of games...and things arent looking much better

never liked FF...i hate those MGS/splinter cell type games

Killzone 2 looks good...but unless Guerilla games learns something about gameplay..itll be a pass for me

again this is just me

gamehendge4876d ago

my console can beat up your console.

Mr_Kuwabara4876d ago

Wow gamehendge is it time to change your diaper? Sheesh....