NEC touts "world's fastest vector supercomputer"

NEC looks to have earned itself some new bragging rights in the supercomputer club with its new SX-9 model, which it claims is the "world's fastest vector supercomputer" on the market today. Helping it earn that distinction is a peak processing performance of 839 teraflops, and a peak vector performance of more than 100 gigaflops per single core (apparently a first for any supercomputer).

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darthv724509d ago

of making a return to the gaming market with the "super SUPERgrafx"

Maybe this time they will release strider for it.

RunamukK4509d ago

Anyone know how much one of these bad boys will cost?
P.S. Ea would still have a hard time getting a decent framerate outa this thing!!!

rwest784509d ago

ZOMG...but, but, EA is the bestest!!! It's becuase NEC doesn't give good dev kits. long live xbox360!!!11!!

King20084509d ago

Great post Run...trying not to laugh to hard at the college computer lab in front of everybody. Bubbles for you

Kaneda4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

Can it hosts UT III?