You're a bastard - The 10 most villainous games ever

Ever wanted to be evil? Really evil? Well, then you're mostly out of luck. Videogames are awash with brooding anti-heroes who are gruff and mean but ultimately good, but genuine villains in the lead role are pretty rare. For that matter, the few games with villainous leads tend to defuse them by pitting them exclusively against people who are even worse than they are (Manhunt, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent), or by playing up the whole "evil" angle for laughs (Overlord, Disgaea).

Games Radar put together a list to recognize the few, proud games that don't flinch away from delivering pure, unbridled villainy.

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bym051d4873d ago

Anyone else getting tired of Top 10 lists?

batman2million4873d ago

I was just about to post that!

I mean, if they actually had some merit, they would be worth it.

I think its just journalist who had to turn in some kind of editorial in order to keep his job.

Poisen4873d ago

NO WAYS...I love the top 10 guides. Therye really funny to read.

Evilninja4873d ago

Top-10 lists, as a general rule, generate crazy amounts of web traffic. Everyone loves looking at that stuff, even if it's just so they can disagree with it.

ScentlessApprentice74873d ago

Lists like this one can be kind of interesting and a little fun to read but the kind of top 10 lists I get tired of are the ones that are made just for the sole purpose of getting hits.

Like "Top ten reasons why MGS3 will not stay exclusive to PS3" or "Top ten reasons why PS3 will end up like the Sega Saturn" or "Top ten reasons why PS3 will NEVER gain any ground"

It just seems so ridiculous sometimes.

bym051d4873d ago


Who says I read it? I posed it as a question when it was up for approval.

It just seems like we get 2-3 Top 10s a list. Most are from gamesradar. They should change their name to Top 10 inc.

xionpunk4873d ago

I actually love the ones from games radar, but yeah, i was about to say that they are the "top 10 list" kings.

Umbrella Corp4873d ago

ehh i like the good ones this suckz

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MK_Red4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

I knew it was TnS. You beat me again :) I want all the Fallout 2 stories (Eariler I wanted to post the F3 demo one but guess what ;) )

Superb list, Kratos, Darth Raven and Fallout 2 character FTW! Now if only they would add MK's Scorpion and Shao Kahn.

Fallout 2's part was awesome:
"Defining act of villainy: The Fallout series is infamous not only for enabling you to kill just about anyone you meet, but enabling you to massacre entire towns, children and all - and living with the consequences of being branded a child-killing maniac afterward.

Worst thing you can do: You mean besides killing children? That would probably be getting married for the sole purpose of taking your new wife/husband far from home and selling her/him into slavery. That's just cold."

Kratos accidently killed his wife. In Fallout, the player can do it intentionally or sell her to slavery or just kill her, her dad and the whole town.
Of course the Fallout 2 also gives the choice of being good and a helpfull person to the player. That's a true perfect game. Good AND Evil.

SmokeyMcBear4873d ago

I actually found this top ten list pretty funny, and intend to play some games i never thought I would play..

MK_Red4873d ago

Agreed. Gotta try that Deception one.

Marceles4873d ago

...and it came out on 2006 haha, this game would've been awesome around when the PS1 came around, but thats still pretty funny.

Heaven_Or_Hell4873d ago

I think that in Fallout 3, killing children will be....hum... not an option :D ... We all see what hapened with Manhunt 2 lol XD

MK_Red4873d ago

Bethesda did say that killing children is not an option in Fallout 3 :(

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