RewiredMind reviews Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on PS3 have reviewed Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on PS3 and have found several issues that could well isolate fans and push FIFA 08 into a clear lead this season.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4875d ago

Everyone is reviewing like it's a PS3 exclusive.

Rama262854875d ago

The points this (and other) reviews make about how there is nothing new in this version is irrelevant to me as it's the only PES that is out for the PS3. So for some, this will be their first 'next gen' football game and that will be enough. That's my case at least!

Gameplay is the most important feature to me and that's the reason I wont be getting FIFA 08 this year.

Also, the slowdowns don't bother me and it's still very much playable (and enjoyable!).

Wotbot4875d ago

the 360 version and it play's so good. Only having played 6 games I would give it a 9 out of 10 at this stage.

I have yet to notice any slowdown while playing. But the replays for some reason run at a fast pace and miss frames of animation. But that all goes when you control the reply which is good but still a bit weird. This didn't happen in the demo.

The graphic's are as they have always been, not as good as Fifa but still acceptable.

This PES update is the true sequel to PES 4, which was my favorite update.

I am sure the PS3 version will get sorted. As for me the slowdown would almost ruin the game, but if I only had a PS3 I would still purchase it. I'm lucky to have both consoles.

Let the season now begin.

Hugh Hefner4875d ago

Yep, that's why having both consoles should be the only way to go this generation for the hardcore gamer.

jackdoe4875d ago

The slowdown seems unfortunate, but generally, slowdown at the level that the reviewer describes doesn't usually get through QA.

sajj3164875d ago

When you do your own QA, anything can go through. They released it knowing these issues and also planned to fix it soon after release. Shame on Konami! They are more worried about FIFA sales than a quality product.

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