Video Game Magic - How the Army is using Gamers to fight the War on Terror

Since many troops have years of experience with video games, they take to CROWS (common remotely operated weapon stations) quickly, and very effectively. CROWS is being mounted on hummers in Iraq, and keeps the operators safe inside the vehicles where they control the guns remotely. CROWS has night vision and telephoto capabilities, and also has a laser rangefinder built in, as well as a stabilizer mechanism to allow more accurate fire while the vehicle is moving.

Many Iraqis, especially the bad guys, get distressed while watching a CROWS turret being exercised by some video game addict inside the vehicle. That's because the most noticeable part of CROWS, as it swivels and "looks" around, is the machine-gun. Many Iraqis don't even recognize the vidcam and other sensors. They think the machine-gun is, well, sort of R2D2 with a bad attitude and a license to kill. Other Iraqis just write this off as another example of American "magic". But the troops know better. Video games can save your life, and CROWS proves it every day.


For those of you that may have missed it, a CROWS trainer is being included in the America's Army game.

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kss4875d ago

will this shut up that thompson asshole now

Timesplitter144875d ago

How? All that article is saying is that games make you better at killing people effectively.

This is something JT could actually use

gamesR4fun4875d ago

The American war machine but hella cool and deadly toy.

gamesR4fun4861d ago

33 working professional with a family who isnt afraid to use the word cool when something looks this deadly.

Bubble Buddy4875d ago

all they need left is the light anti air rocket with the air brake.

nobizlikesnowbiz4875d ago

This is the future. Manned weapons = obsolete. Cams+sensors+gun+operator= more effective platform.

Timesplitter144875d ago

Yes. Use CROWS to kill more "bad guys" more easily! They save lives!


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