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This time around, Rachet and Clank are up against an evil tyrant named Tachyon. Tachyon is hellbent on killing Ratchet because he is the last of his race of furry Lombax inventors. The duo go on a quest to discover Ratchet's ethnic origins, and, of course, discover that the fate of the universe, and possibly more, is at stake.

Grade: B

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4875d ago

Rathcet & Clank Future: TOD
Ratchet & Clank: FTOD

BrianC62344875d ago

Why should no multiplayer hurt the game? Does every game now have to include multiplayer or the score is lower? I could care less about online or even offline multiplayer.

wangdiddy824875d ago

do reviewers keep knocking off points for no multi player? This game doesnt need it, its freaking awesome without it..

Violater4875d ago

lets see if they will deduct points from Mario Galaxy for not having MP.

Bubble Buddy4875d ago

i know some games don't need multi player, ive played UPA and deadlocked online and i didn't really enjoy it. and yeah violator ure right. lets see if they take off points for Mario Galaxy

chrisin34875d ago

The developers have stated that there would be no multi-player since the beginning of development, but the reveiwers speak of the feature as if it were mysteriously missing.

Since other ratchet games have had multi-player, I sort of understand what they are saying; however, it should not be a negative. Games should not be reveiwed for things that were never in the playbook. Multi-player was never in the formula for Rachet's new adventure, just like bioshock and others. And besides, how many platformers actually have multi-player anyway? Ratchet was one of the few that ever did.

Anyway, play the game, and forget about multi-player. After the first level, you won't even care.

JokesOnYou4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

just because they intentionally did not include multiplayer does NOT mean the reviewer should NOT rate the game a bit lower for it. If it was something that was important to HIM in the prior games and now its missing, then he can be *rightfully be dissapointed,= it still doesn't make it a bad game but it does matter to alot of people.

Yes alot of games like Bioshock didn't have multiplayer/Co-op so hopefully when that is the case the single player game has to be strong enough to still rate a high score in the OPINION of the reviewer= different games get different scores from different people theres NO right or Wrong score, only some scores that are different from the NORM/majority, even I do think the game is better than 7.5, but that still doesn't make the world bias because of 1 game getting a few lower than "expected" scores from a few websites, if so 360 fans could cry about Halo3's few low scores, oh well, like you said "play the game"=


BrianC62344875d ago

I read one review where the guy said hopefully Insomniac will have a patch that will give us online multiplayer in R&CF. That's too much. I like online games but I don't feel all of them need it. I like single player games too. If all we get is online multiplayer games in the future gaming will suck. They're all too much alike. Maybe the next R&C game will use the current world and let us play online. I just don't care about it in this game. Leave it for the future.

gunnerforlife4875d ago

so whats a B is that like a 9

wil4hire4875d ago

yeah... thats not biased.

spikormikor134875d ago

80-89 is a B(in Maryland, at least), so an 85 would be a fair score.

Ju4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

"B - A good game, but nothing to write home about." http://www.gamerevolution.c...

Well, I don't know. Nothing to write home about ? Yeah, sure, just saw these pixar style visuals last week...nothing new here ... NOT.

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The story is too old to be commented.