The Most Unappreciated Games

Viva Pinata, Psychonauts and more in GameDaily's article on the most unappreciated games of all time.

Psychonauts (2005, Multiplatform):
Much like Beyond Good & Evil, Psychonauts failed to appeal to the masses, probably for multiple reasons. If you missed it, trot to the local mall and pick up a copy, since you owe it to yourself to experience something wildly original. Everyone should experience psychic summer camp at least once.

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MK_Red4871d ago

Psychonauts is the absoulte most unappreciated game ever created. It's easily one of the best games of all time along with Super Mario Bros and Zelda Ocarina of Time.

Kuest4871d ago

Psychonauts is indeed a superb game, but the STORY and CHARACTERS do not even BEGIN to compete with the epics Nintendo has created. Of course, this might be a personal preference, but I think we can all agree that Orciana of Time is at least 2 notches above any other game currently available.

To be fair, I would have let Mario slide (barely)... but comparing Psychonauts with Orciana! You, sir, have gone too far.

lonestarmt4871d ago

your missing his point kuets. Those games sold really well, he was talking about most over looked, that just happened to be pure gold. I would have to agree. Although i hate this list. Where the heck is okami and shadow of the collosus my favorite game. If you saw reign on me you know what I'm talking about.

Kuest4871d ago

sorry then, i guess i misunderstood.

Forgive me, MK. Sometimes i just get so defensive... especially about Orciana.

MK_Red4871d ago

I have to disagree. I believe Raz and rest of Psychonaut characters were among the best characters of all time.

In case of level design, Psychon... was even better than Mario and Zelda games. Sure, those games were superb but each level of Psychonauts was a full and unique game of it's own. Milkman level, the Napoleaon one or the theatre actress one. Best level design of all time IMO.

Kuest4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

of personal preference.

From your post, i take it you're focused mainly on just game play and/or level design.

I say- all that's nice. However, you just can't beat story... which is why, to me, Nintendo DEFINITELY has it where it counts.

I mean who can forget Orciana's story. It surpasses even today's games with its brilliant use of fantasy and adventure. Hell, its the game that made me become a gamer.

Edit: lol!

Alright, I'm beat. You guys win.

lonestarmt4871d ago

so true, but those 64 zelda games got me spoiled, I haven't liked a zelda game since, maybe I should try hour glass or twilight? hmm.

anyway you haven't played Psychonaut then, man that game had a great story, smartest game i have played in a while. The writing was pure geniuses all the way through. Not discounting Zelda though.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4871d ago

Dungeons and Dragon online is crap too short.
Beach Spikers suck..

lonestarmt4871d ago

agree wolf, man it seems to me this guy was going out of his way not to put a ps only game on their list. "I mean should we put okami or shadow of the colossus, no I don't want to, I know lets put beach strikers instead"

I also think the persona games should be on there. Besides it spin-offs haven't sold well.

IdontTakeSides4871d ago

Psychonauts is one of my fav games really unappreciated game..and Between good& evil was also a great game..but where is OKami...Ico..??..crappy list there's much better unappreciated games than what was mentioned

MK_Red4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Agreed and agreed and agreed. (On Psychonauts, on Beyond Good & Evil and on lack of Okami. I mean WTF!? I guess they didn't include it because of the recently announced Wii version).

Other unappreciated games IMO:
1.Phantom (Genesis)
2.Earthworm Jim
3.Legacy of Kain games (Soul Reavers, BOs and Defiance)
6.Turok 2
7.Okami (2 Other Clover games, Godhand and Viutiful Joe one)
8.Black (One of the best FPS games I've ever played)
10.Paraside Eve

Dark_Overlord4871d ago

Gregory Horror Show

bym051d4871d ago

IIRC, Earthworm Jim was pretty big in the day as were Legacy of Kain series games, and Turok.

Now, IMHO Godhand deserves to be in the crap bin. It had potential, but largely is a pretty bad game.

IdontTakeSides4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

But I doubt Okami will do Huge numbers on the Wii ne ways probably in Japan..i agree that:

Paraside Eve
Killer 7 was also good

as for Katamari..they still making apparently it has it's little niche following..

Black while a good FPS..was actually an overrated game..too short bland mission/level design..

God Hand had cool concepts but the camera / controls totally wreacked it..but i did play it and finish it..

lonestarmt4871d ago

turok 2 was a hit.earthworm jim was such a hit it had a tv show.Legacy of kain was a hit enough to have three sequels come on red, those are good games, but they did well enough. We are talking about gaming god games, that your prob the only you know who owns it. Don't forget shadow of the colossus!!!!!!!!

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Covenant4871d ago

Okami (new life on the Wii)

Psychonauts (c'mon, Schafer; make an updated version for the 360)

Viewtiful Joe (great concept)

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (living weapons, fantastic gameplay)

Viva Pinata (seriously, try it. It's gaming crack)

Beyond Good and Evil (deserved better)

Otogi: Myth of Demons (great action; combo attacks on steroids)

lonestarmt4871d ago

sorry you won't get physconaunts on the xbox, actually it was supposed to be only on the xbox and they feared that it wouldn't do well since it wasn't what xbox fans go for (shocker!!!), so they shifted development for the ps2 as well. Not enough ps2 owners gave it a chance either :( however if they did a sequel i think more people would buy it, i got my copy way down the line and I think more people are aware of it, the sequel would sell well, oh well...

jaja14344871d ago

Viva Pinata is cute fuzzy fluffy fun. And way to addicting for its own good. I think the only downfall is the silly mini-game you have to play every time your Pinatas make Pinata love.

Luigi's Mansion <--- Not unappreciated ...just downright horrible.

_insane_cobra4871d ago

Dozens and dozens of PC games.

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