Sessler's Soapbox: Thanks for the Truth Sony

Sessler doesn't pull any punches and the new episode of Sessler's Soapbox is no exception. This week, Sessler addresses the recent comments made by Sony President Jack Tretton in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Adam poses the question: Is Sony finally telling the truth?

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Chris_GTR14876d ago

soo true, sony needs to get those attach rates higherer cause its causing companys to stop supporting it.

kss4876d ago

i really really hate that asshole dr phil

go sony

Komrad4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

the only reason dr phil looks at the camera is because he can see his own reflection of himself off of it.

also, yes. go sony.

IntelligentAj4876d ago

I can't stand Adam Sessler but he makes a couple of good points. Of course there are people who are going to bash Sony no matter what they say.

wageslave4876d ago

How do you think has a worse problem with people going out of there way to spread FUD? Sony or Microsoft?

The problems Sony has (PS3, proprietary formats, RIAA / MPAA membership) are real, while Microsoft's are largely imagined (vista is actually great, their server software rocks, MSN/Live is really good).

I'm not going to stop and feel sorry for Sony, because they get off scott-free compared to the ignorant vitrol spewed against MS around here.

IntelligentAj4876d ago

Is that the only reason why people disagreed with me? Be serious there are certain companies/games that will be scrutinized by people no matter what they do. Halo 3 for example, which I thought was a great game, has been bashed mercilessly. The same thing with the PS3. I never said feel sorry for them because bottom line they are a international corporation with Billions of dollars in revenues. I just said they will be bashed no matter what. It's not fair but neither is life. Get serious.

athlon7704876d ago

I can not believe you actualy put those words together for other people to see.

"while Microsoft's are largely imagined (vista is actually great, their server software rocks, MSN/Live is really good)."

OMG there are so many things wrong with that statement...wait a min, everything is wrong with that statement!

Vista is by no means fact out of the starting gate, Vista machines were not able to connect to dhcp servers and needed a update to resolve. And the server software, yeah it rocks, if you like to hack. Every server os up thru .net has major security flaws! MSN/Live is really good...what are you trying to do, paint a daisy on everything Microsoft?

I sure hope you get your 360 back from MS soon, maybe we can get true discussion going without your single track, hell bent attitude towards Sony.

N4GayFanturds4876d ago

MS mad the RIGHT decision to stop production of the old xbox and keeping BC on the 360. Good business move, MS.

Now Sony just needs to show the P$3 can do 4D graphics!

MikeGdaGod4876d ago

they've already showed they can do Pixar graphics, something MS has yet to do, so i guess 4D is right around the corner.

DeadIIIRed4876d ago

Don't say 4D!!! Pretty soon we'll have some Einstein wannabes in here harping over how 4D is the progression of time and cannot be truly imitated. I get what your saying though about ultra-realistic graphics, but some people in here won't.

lawman11084876d ago

Has pixar graphics.......NOT kiddy R&C

athlon7704876d ago

you have seen a Pixar movie right...and you are compairing Orange Box to Pixar? What are you playing that xbox on, a 13" B/W tv?

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Chris_GTR14876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

mmm... fck you cartman my comment was legit. thats what sessler just said in that vid. sony is losing all its excusives due to nobody buying the console, so sony is fckng the customers by removing B/C on purpose to get them to buy the nonexistant ps3 games. wtf are people who buy the 400$ ps3 suppost to buy?! a launch title, lol

its not about having a ps2, i have a ps2. and im shure everyone that has a ps3 has a ps2,but they want to get rid of it once and for all. they dont want to have to buy a ps3 then go back to last gen console just to play some decent games. apart from that its more of a mess having to switch between consoles instead of easily having 1.

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