EA NFL Tour faster on Xbox 360 than PS3

EA last week demonstrated the new football title NFL Tour for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 at the E for All Expo in Los Angeles. The Xbox 360 version held a faster frame rate and better animation than the PS3 build at the consumer show.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

How are FIFA 08 and NBA Live 08 fine on PS3, yet if it comes to anything related to football it has to be a problem?

Peter Moore even said that the frame rate issues on PS3 where a thing of the past.

Unless this game runs off the Madden 08 engine or something, it doesn't make any sense.

ravinshield4873d ago

well actually fifa 08 is better on the xbox 360.i have it for the 360 and my friend has it for the ps3 and in his game i seen many jaggies that are not present on the 360 version.

cloud360-7th_account4873d ago


Am really suprised. I dont care bout sports or EA

And We dont want Mass Effect on PS3. But if it means that it will be Exlus To 360 then maybe even though no one iwll by it. But it shud be on PC

JasonPC360PS3Wii4873d ago

Funny but still nothing new, the games on the PS3 are always subpar when compared to the 360.

toughNAME4873d ago

took the words right out of my mouth

gamehendge4873d ago

"Funny but still nothing new, the games on the PS3 are always subpar when compared to the 360."

translation: Mommie Mommie i'm so happy, can I have my jello early tonight?

Kuest4873d ago

but I still laughed. Lol.

fenderputty4873d ago

I think you should add EA to your little smide remark. I know you think you're creative with your little witicism but, you fall short. Anyone with a PS3 knows EA is dogsh1t. I don't care if other dev's have problems, EA has the most. There are plenty of great looking titles coming out for the PS3. While they might not suit your tastes, not every dev is having a problem with this system.

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Real gamer 4 life4873d ago

Is just EA they always make subard ps3 game is a fact already. So for now on i will go to @k for ma spots game. I just wish that EA would lose the madden license,because i belive 2k spots can make a better football game then EA.

wageslave4873d ago

EA probably owns the IP Madden, they arent going to loose it.

And, EA is *not* the only dev having issues. EA isnt a bad developer in any sense. They make the best line of sports games (im sorry if you want to be a rebel and hate EA for some reason, but its true).

What about Midway's Blacksite: Area 51? Totally gutted online for the PS3. What about the PES2008 having network and performance issues on the PS3?

The list goes on and on and on. The problem *is* that the PS3 is designed poorly and the development tools are crap compared to the Xbox 360.

That is why games for Xbox 360 work better, because the machine and the tools are better.

Look at the ratings of cross-platform games -- look at the racing games for instance:

(place in library - title - released - score)
13 DiRT: Colin McRae Off-Road 2007 82
34 Sega Rally Revo 2007 78

Xbox 360:
30 DiRT: Colin McRae Off-Road 2007 83
54 Sega Rally Revo 2007 81

Do yo notice something? That the cross platform games score WORSE on the PS3, yet are -- in the whole PS3 library -- ranked FAR HIGHER.

You people need a serious dose of reality. I'm worried for your long term mental health.

Bazookajoe_834873d ago

Does anybody care about EA games anymore? They make sh1tty games on 360 and even worse on ps3..

okcomputer4873d ago

As much as I hate ea, I will admit madden 08 for the 360 is a great game.

Bnet3434873d ago

but Burnout is a very fun game to play and they used to make the best baseball games. I'm not on the "hate EA because its cool bandwagon" but I just hated that they got Bioware.

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