PLAYSTATION Eye: Your Questions Answered

Hello everyone! The PLAYSTATION Eye is beginning to hit store shelves. Be sure to check it out and download your free EyeCreate software on the PLAYSTATION Network.

Sarah Stocker did a great job of summarizing all of the great technology and features included in the PLAYSTATION Eye last week. I'm here to help answer some of the great questions you've been asking.

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Violater4873d ago

* Will I be able to save my pictures and videos to my hard disc drive on my PLAYSTATION®3 system so I can transfer them to my PC?


thank you very much, this was the deal breaker for me.

LSDARBY4873d ago

Me too, i cant wait to get this when it comes out. Does the camera (when u buy it on its own) come with Eyecreate (like on a disk) or do you have to download it.

riqued4873d ago

It comes with the camera, I just don't know if you will require a disk to use it...

But you can always download from the store, it's only 9Mb

THE_JUDGE4873d ago

is if you can do video chat over the internet with people on day one?

whateva4873d ago

it's been there for months you can do video chat with the EYEToy and many other webcams for some time now!!!!

THE_JUDGE4873d ago

I've been asking that for forever!

mikeslemonade4873d ago

I get my gaming products from Amazon and they don't have it until the 30th!

kingfury4873d ago

Haha. All Xbots have is their teeny-weeny Vision Cam! How lame

PlayStation3604873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

no need to start that now. :P

Back on topic: This cam is a definite buy for me. I was never really into that "Home-Movie" creating stuff, but I don't know It, that software makes it look kinda fun. I may give it a try. And that chat mode looks pretty dope. BTW, with all this talk about the EyeToy, Eye of Judgment, Trials of Topoq, etc. I wonder what ever happened to that one EyeToy game Eyedentify.

Loopy4873d ago

120 frames per second !!!!!!!!!

Now that is one amazing camera.
It would be cool to serve as a real videocam. Too bad the ps3 isn't super portable.

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