Is Michael Jordan In NBA 2K12?

The first teaser trailer for NBA 2K12 was unveiled earlier during the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Dalla Mavericks. The tagline at the end of the video suggests that Michael Jordan could be coming back.

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Crazyglues4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

At the end of the trailer it says the Greatest will be back with a vengeance... that doesn't sound like they meant Jordan..

I think they would have just said MJ returns, instead I think they were just saying the best basketball game will return Oct 4 2011 -and of course they want to build up hype so they decided to say it like this to keep you guessing..


jbl3164003d ago

Maybe some other legend will be in the game? It does sound interesting nonetheless.

gaden_malak4003d ago

Except Jordan is regarded as the Greatest.

DaReapa4003d ago

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Whatever they meant, I just hope they improve the controls. Can't take another year of that.

Bigpappy4003d ago

If they are refering to the greatest B'ball player, that would be MJ. There is only 1 'Greatest' in Basketball. Just like boxing 'Greatest is Mohammed Ali'

m234003d ago

Damn right, screw Scottie Pippen for what he said.